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“The next instalment of the Battlefield Franchise is here! Explosions,
Engagement and Entertainment!”

The History
The original Battlefield Bad Company infuriated PC gamers, as they were left at the altar with only consoles to play. EA (Electronic Arts) heard the cries of the soldiers from the trenches and came to the table with Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2). The open Beta was a huge success drawing players from various other gaming genres to test the anticipated battle field out.

The Present
No holds barred. You cannot hide anywhere any more. Remember that special spot where you could hide behind that wall in your last game? GONE! The dynamic rich destructible environment (aptly named “Destruction 2.0") is a momentous step in the FPS (First Person Shooter) world.

Walls and buildings are completely destructible to create a tactical nightmare, and a realistic battle environment. Whether it’s in the sand, snow or in the field; it doesn’t matter – the entire battle landscape can change in an instant.

The Toys
Stepping into the BC2 world as a lowly private, you have four kit selections at your disposal:

    • Assault
    • Medic
    • Engineer
    • and Recon

On top of the kit specific weapons and gadgets, there is a selection of weapons and gadgets available across all kits, thus making the kit customisation possibilities almost endless.

By “ranking up” your soldier, the options to customise your kits begin to increase with new sets of gadgets and specialisations for each class. Thus making any class a force to be reckoned with.

Don’t like to walk? Grab a ride! Jump in a light Hummer or on a quad bike for some fast and furious action. But beware of the Engineers with their land mines and RPG’s, or you will find yourself in a spectacular flying, exploding mess of scrap metal.

KaBoom! goes the tank – heavy or light, roll in amongst the action or sit back and support your infantry. Use your vehicle specialisations to enhance your vehicle’s abilities and jump in the fray.

What about the flyboys? Drop the troops off with UH-60 or attack the lines with a .50 Caliber from the air. Keep moving though; or else those tracers will tag you and knock your ass out of the sky.

More of a Frogman? Jump on the Jet ski or use the Patrol Boat. Hammer the shoreline with those deadly guns from the the Patrol Boat. BC2 offers a vehicle for all situations. What ever your fancy, BC2 tries to accommodate you.

Game Modes
Battle lines are drawn between the United State Army and the Russian Army. Squads are made up of four people with four game modes in this dish of destruction:

    Linear style maps where Attackers destroy objectives with a set amount of tickets. Defenders try and stop them by defending the objectives and “bleeding” the Attackers tickets to zero. If the defenders fail, the battlefront progresses forward to the next objectives, thus opening up more of the map.

    Capture and defend flags until the other team’s tickets reach zero. These maps are large, with plenty of toys and lots of action.

    Squad Death Match:
    Up to four squads go head to head against each other. The first squad to reach 50 kills wins the match. This mode is absolute mayhem!! Teamwork and cunning tactics will see your squad prevail.

    Squad Rush:
    Pits two squads of four players against each other in a scaled down version of Rush mode. These matches are infantry only, and are fast and intense. Good squad work is a must to win in this mode.

Each of the above game modes requires different tactics, teamwork, and an element of luck in order to succeed.

TOG and BF:BC2

The BC2 TOG player list currently stands at 600+ people, with over 500 of those coming from the Oceanic Region. Our Division consists of six squads that are catered toward all levels of skill and commitment:

    Silver Owls
    This squad caters for our Northern Hemisphere members. Primarily a casual squad, this squad is the central meeting hub for all of our non-Oceanic members.

    This squad caters for the hardcore competitive members of our division. This is a Skills Assessed Squad, whereby those that can commit the time, may be selected based on teamwork and skill.

    This is also a competitive team that will be involved in ladder competitions. The main difference from Griffins, is that high skills are not required to be a part of this squad. Show your enthusiasm and get involved with this teamwork based squad.

    This squad is set up exactly the same as Raptors. Selection for matches is not based on skill. It is based on involvement and participation. If you show up to training and scrims, you’re a shoe in.

    Terror Birds
    Also similar to Raptors and Falcons, but leaning towards the more casual competitive gamer. Sign up for a match. First in, best dressed.

    This bunch of drunken misfits prefer to hang around the bar when it comes to ladder matches. The Harriers squad is geared toward those that cannot commit time wise or otherwise to competitive ladder matches. This is the divisions social squad that make their own fun like “shotgun only nights”. They may also assist the more competitive squads with their preparation for matches. Don’t let their casualness fool you. We have some highly skilled players within this group. They just live busy lives.

With four competitive squads and two casual squads, everyone is catered for in the BC2 Division.

The Social Side
Jump in TeamSpeak and join the thirty or more regulars for some fun pub games on the TOG BC2 ranked servers. There is almost always someone in the BF:BC2 TeamSpeak channel to chat to, squad with, or battle against. Many members, both male and female, find TeamSpeak a fantastic way to encourage, enrich and enjoy their gaming experience.

The greatest asset to the TOG community is its members and the way they engage and make this community their home. It’s great to see both a serious and fun side to our wonderful community and most players find what they are looking for. Whether it is in the CyberGamer or GameArena ladder competitions, the semi social internal “TOG Squad Death Matches”, or the ever social “Knife Only” and “Gustav” nights. There is really something for everyone.

With five active servers running various game modes, from the age old standard capture the flag “Conquest” mode, to the Hard Core Rush (with no Kill Cam), players are bound to find a battle front to engage in.

March this year saw the TOG BC2 Server # 1 reaching an all time high, ranking 7th in the world and 1st in Australia. It was full nearly 24 hours a day thanks mainly to the support shown by the division’s members and the public. This magnifies various things, but in particular how popular TOG is as a community both by its members and the wider gaming community.

Servers 1, 2, and 3 are our dedicated public servers, whilst Servers 4 & 5 are utilised as the Division’s training, scrim, and “fun night” servers.





Unlike previous Battlefield games, BC2 servers do not appear to be greatly affected by high ping players. The game is quite playable on a server that is located on the other side of the globe. With this in mind, our northern hemisphere players from places such as Japan, North America, and Europe are able to participate with the Oceanic members all on the same servers. Thus bringing our great TOG community together for some fun times.

The Future
As a relatively new game, the future of BF:BC2 holds a vast amount of players in the palm of their hand. Tweaks, class and weapon balances have already been made by EA to ensure the vast majority of their gamers engage wholeheartedly with their product. With such a large BC2 gaming community in such a short amount of time it must be recognised that EA has met and exceeded the needs of the faithful Battlefield Franchisers with a fantastic new instalment to a long running series.

If you wish to be a part of this thriving Division, feel free to drop by and introduce yourself. You can visit us here:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Division Forum

See you on the Battlefield.

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