BC2 Member Interview #8

Tilce | 22 November 2010 | 2 Comments

Member Interview #8

Let’s Roll- Say Hi to Fluffy Dice

A little about yourself? not too much though.


Family? Sons/Daughters?
1 son 5yrs / 1 daughter 7yrs.

Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?
Imports manager / inventory control.

Favourite pastime outside of gaming?
Moofies. (I’ll be back - Ed)

Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?

1) Nelson Mandela - respected freedom fighter / token black person.
2) Robin Williams - token funny person keep everyone laughing.
3) Julia Gillard - need someone to cook and clean after the dinner.

If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?
Be thin so I could pick up pretty girls.

Gaming Highlights/Lowlights:

1) going 50 / 10 the other night of TOG server 1.
2) getting to no 1 on GA ladder for ET with TOG* commits a few years back

How long have you been a TOG?
6 Years.

Other games you play apart from BC2?
Wolfenstien, ET, ET quake wars, Wolfenstien 2009, COD 2.

How long have you been playing BC2?
6 Months.

Favourite kit?

Favourite Weapon?

Funniest Gaming Experience Ever?

Losing a GA ladder match when we had 4 people protecting our only engineer who was defusing Dyno in an ET ladder match
- should have been an easy defuse as the other team were all dead and the engineer “Claw” who now plays BFBC2 and have to mention Claw is now 75yrs young so valuable member to TOG /disconnected and we lost. (Good old Claw!!!! - Ed)

Funniest BC2 Moment?
Claw starting to play BFBC2.

Hardest Opponent?

Easiest Opponent?
No one is ever easy.

Dumbest BC2 moment?
Spawning on someone who is at the edge of a map and falling to your death = suicide.

Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?
could be a long post
based on previous game experience and ladder play few things need to occur.
1) /kill button so you can force suicide and re spawn with more ammo better location, forces teamplay strategies.
2) better control of team selection in game so can select spectator, allied or other forces simple push of a button, best way to learn is spectate good players.
3) stopwatch mode for rush - can end up that both teams win the round by both getting to end obj and splash screen says your team has won this should then be based on fastest time to complete = winning team.
4) the glitch when you go to disarm you pickup other kits who have died on mcoms.
5) m comms been able to be destroyed by people just sitting back and rifle nading them.
6) better stats for scrims.
- most damage given
- highest acc
- most kills
- most head shots
- kill matrix by weapon / player
- other stats such accountant = best kd
- ginzu - highest knife kills
- killing streak summary
excellent add on that should be looked at trying to incorporate in BFBC2.
(me thinks he’s not quite happy with this masterpiece??? but I’m not sure - Ed)

as always, please take a look at the BC2 Encyclopedia for all your needs, and dont forget to register
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Hank Scorpion
BC2 Correspondent

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Totally agree with the improvements.

see you on the battlefield


Dr. FeelgoodOz | 08:02 am - 26 June 2011

Love the comment about Gulia G but COD2?.......Lollipop?

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