BC2 Member Interview No 5

Tilce | 3 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Member Interview #5

His Name is Bragoeser, he once told me he knifed 400 people, had a 300/4 kd ratio and 150 road kills, ALL in the same round, when he brags......he aint kiddin!

A little about yourself? not too much though.
Lives in Sydney - Quakers Hill. Got into gaming by writing my first BASIC game during computer school. And ever Since then I’ve enjoyed every part of it.
Family? Sons/Daughters?
Married. 1 Child - son
Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?
Registered Nurse - shift work (then you would think his best class would be....... Medic!!!! - Ed)
Favourite pastime outside of gaming?
What pastime? My life is gaming.

Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?
1) Adam (the first man) - to tell him not to eat that damn apple as he got everything good already.
2) God - for creating the world and making the components to make my lovely computer.
3) The Devil - for making life as it is a bit more risque and fun.
If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?
A time machine, so I could change the lives of countless people that I can save by changing their pasts. (Medic!!!!!! -Ed)

Gaming Highlights/Low-lights:
Still waiting for one, Low-light - Dying in-game to get a highlight
How long have you been a TOG?
Sometime earlier this year.
Other games you play apart from BC2?
Any latest games I see in Steam and Impulse. (ahhhhh steam, get onto it my friends - Ed)
How long have you been playing BC2?
Ever since I joined TOG.
Favourite kit?
Sniper - even though most people hate “us”, there is a satisfaction in shooting a person in the head as they are disarming an M-com as well as the feel of being invisible and invincible holding the life and death of a gamer with just one shot - I know GOD complex.
Favourite Weapon?
Im partial to the SVU because of the silence it provides and the SV98 for the increased magazine it offers.
Funniest Gaming Experience Ever?
Burning out a computer through overheating by playing a game nonstop for a week (well some breaks for me but not the computer).

Funniest BC2 Moment?
Asking an assault person for some cover w/ smoke and get ‘smoked’ from a grenade launcher.

Hardest Opponent?
(TOG) UNIT - sniper’fest’.
Easiest Opponent?
Noob tubers who stand out in the open.
Dumbest BC2 moment?
See funniest BC2 moment above.
Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?
Game improvements, what would you like to see improved? More helos (even though I dont know how to fly one) as air combat would be great and it would make for great cinematic trailers as well as a UAV for the defenders side, to make mini games like UAV vs UAV. Probably some urban maps - city maps with lots of destructive potential as well as more sniping positions. (I dunno, but i get the feeling he likes sniper - Ed)

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