BC2 Player Interview #14

Tilce | 16 January 2011 | Comments off

Member Interview #13


A little about yourself? not too much though.
General Noob, love my ATV, scuba, 4 Wheel driving and .................women.


Family? Sons/Daughters?
1 ball and chain, 3 turds.

Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?
Veterinary Surgeon.

Favourite pastime outside of gaming?
ATV riding/racing.

Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?

1) Larry David.... just because I need a laugh
2) Omen.... just because i need a laugh
3) Brittany Spears… just because

If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?

Brittany Spears.

Gaming Highlights/Lowlights:
getting my gold in every weapon, playing competition for BF2142, Learning how to use the gunship TV missile, knifing 47 players in one round.

How long have you been a TOG?
Almost 2 years

Other games you play apart from BC2?
BF2142, Alien Swarm.

How long have you been playing BC2?
since the Beta.

Favourite kit?

Favourite Weapon?
SVU Sniper.

Funniest Gaming Experience Ever?

running around killing with the repair tool one night and hearing the uproar on TS

Funniest BC2 Moment?
ending omens kill streak rage with a knife, I’m sure I saw the look of surprise on his soldiers face as it turned around just in time to see my knife embed in his cranium.

Hardest Opponent?

Easiest Opponent?

Dumbest BC2 moment?
forgetting about adjusting the mouse settings when trying to take off in the helo..............quite unpopular.

Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?
on some maps (like the desert ones) I have difficulty seeing through the haze.

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