BC2 Member Interview No 4

Tilce | 27 October 2010 | 7 Comments

Member Interview #4

Some say when he dies in game, a little bunny somewhere in the world spontaneously com-busts. We like to call him.. CurryBunny

For those that dont know, Mr. C Bunny has had a lot to deal with in the last month, its a credit to him that he still gets on and enjoys himself when he plays

A little about yourself? not too much though, we dont want to bore the readers



Family? Sons/Daughters?
Phoenix 7yrs And Paige 4yrs.

Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?
Shift work at the MCG Security. (We now know where to hold any functions in future, Ed)

Favourite pastime outside of gaming?
Fishing on my boat and Hunting with my Family.

Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?
1) I would invite my Daughter Alina Jones of 20 weeks to get to see her grow up.
2) I would invite My Grandpa, he died before i was born.
3) My wife’s mother Ann because i would like her to see what we have achieved in our lives, this is due to her having full dementia.

If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?
At this time on my life i would do anything to have my little girl Alina Jones back and growing up with her brother and sister.

How long have you been a TOG?
Not long (Joined TOG 11th August 2010).

Other games you play apart from BC2?
BF2142 and Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War. (Phew, no WOW, DOH i said it, Ed)

How long have you been playing BC2?
When the game got released i had it on order.

Favourite kit?
Favourite Weapon?

Funniest Gaming Experience Ever?
All the people loving my voice lol.
Funniest BC2 Moment?
Joining TOG TeamSpeak and people laughing at me.

Hardest Opponent?
Not sure depends on my day lol.
Easiest Opponent?
Hank Scorpion lol (You are so dead, Ed) or maybe Da_Kingswood.

Dumbest BC2 moment?
Killing my self with mortar strike. (We’ve all done that at least once, Ed)

Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?
Maybe a game just with knifes and no guns.

As always, please take a look at the BC2 Encyclopedia for all your needs, and dont forget to register

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Its always a pleasure to play with curry bunnies :)

You hunt your family! My God your ruthless.....

Cool, do u play DOW2 as well mate? If so let me know your id and i will add u. Always looking for another Battelslut.

I thought what he said.

Favourite pastime outside of gaming?
Fishing on my boat and Hunting my Family.

i loled ..then read it again ...and near i read it wrong ..

Dont forget who has more of your tags Curry....

oh wait is me…

lol @ D416

I owe you big time C.B.
I’m on the prowl......

hurry back mate - haven’t seen you in awhile

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