TOG Death Match Winner Announced

Tilce | 6 August 2010 | 1 comment (off)

The Endless Hell is Over.

Squad Death match Competition comes to a close.
Most battles consist of two sides – possibly sometimes even three – not Squad Death match! It’s four teams battling it out in an all in brawl – first to 50 kills wins. Over the last eight weeks, eight teams of four or five players have come together on a Thursday night at 8:30pm (AEST) to go head to head to head to head. We’re not in Kansas any more To-To! Tactics, Talk and Teamwork have been exploited to get those 50 kills as fast as possible.

A huge thanks must go to Jazz for all his work. Most people probably don’t know the little things he’s done to make this competition run smoothly. During the week Jazz would send out an event email reminding members that they had a game on. Before play time Thursday he would set the servers up early, and finally when people were missing players he would slot people into the squad’s where needed. Thanks very much Jazz you’re efforts made a really smooth and fun competition.

The Final Death!
Well done to Team 7 with Tilce, Squiz, Redshirt, Maddog and Mendem who came from behind to take the win and the championship.

Round 1 looked like Team 2 was going to dominate like they did during the rounds. They took the round in a close finish.

Round 2 Team 1 took the round in a close call again.

Round 3 and 4 were two very tight rounds with the top two teams finishing 49 and 50 kills.You just can’t get much closed than that. Team 7 took out both of these rounds.

Round 5 was a white wash. Team 7 dominated this round which signalled

Here’s a run down of the final standings pre-final.
Thanks to all who played and keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming TOG fun.
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Nice write up Tilce. Cheers

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