Event Report - T2 Guild House Expansion

Flintwick | 26 August 2010 | 2 Comments

After weeks of hard work, The Old Guard managed to be the first guild within the fortress town of the Prometheus alliance to achieve the construction of a Tier 2 house. This event is the culmination of a great amount of teamwork and effort on the part of the members of The Old Guard, in the gathering of resources, the raising of funds to buy the expansion plans, and the training of the skills required to construct the expansion.

The following is a video of the event, make sure you watch it in HD, and I hope you enjoy it!

This is a couple of shots, one of some of the guild proudly standing out front of the house, and the second of the house itself in all its T2 glory!

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nice one guildies… hehe… You have been very busy bees ...

Great job. It looks fantastic.

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