MO: GM Event - Risar Invasion!

Flintwick | 21 December 2010 | 3 Comments

Sunday, 19th December 2010. I am minding my own business in Fabernum, hunting small game to train my butchery, and logging the nearby trees for wood supplies, when suddenly I hear a panicked call to arms!

“Help! Anyone, everyone, we need help! The Risar are attacking!” cried the poor bloodied fellow, obviously exhausted from the long run through the mountains.

“I can fell the mightiest tree, im sure I will have no problems chopping a few pesky Orcs down to size!” thought I, and hefting my largest axe to my back, I set out from town and headed east into the mountains.

I hadn’t been to cave camp before, so it took me a while to find my way through the mountains, following the hastily described directions given to me by the stricken messenger. Eventually however, the directions were not needed, as I heard the grunts and mettalic clashes that could only come from a large force engaged in a bitter struggle.

After the fight I would speak to some survivors and learn that the first part of the battle saw wave after wave of risar attacking deep into cave camp, lead by risar champions and generals.

The initial Risar attack on Cave Camp

Cresting the hill, I saw a scene of carnage before me. The largest part of the risar force had been defeated, but one proud risar stood its ground… the Risar Lord. Grasping my axe I advanced to join the group surrounding the beast, taking a second to revel at the impressive and ornate nature of its battle dress, before moving in and landing some well timed strikes on our foe.

We fought long and hard against the beast, its strength and constitution prodigious, and it seemed like it would never die. It was starting to weaken however, with each hack, stab and slice sapping its strength. Nothing, however, is as dangerous as a cornered beast and the risar lord lashed out with its crude blade, killing several of our number. At one point in the fight, a poor, brave man stepped in to take a strike at the lord, who seeing his approach hit him with a wild backhand blow, slicing clean through the mans neck parting his head and spraying all around, including me, with gouts of crimson blood (see video @ 8 minutes).

On we fought, and as the beast looked close to death we attacked it with ever more zeal… too much it would turn out, as in our battle lust we did not notice the approach of a band of notorious murderers, intent on our destriction, and winning the spoils of war that killing the lord promised. They had laid in wait hidden behind the crest of a hill, awaiting that moment when the lord was close to death, before mounting a full cavalry charge into our midst (video @ 13:20).

Risar Lord Fight

We didn’t stand a chance. With the surprise and ferocity of the attack, our force scattered in panic, and were cut down in short order. Few lived to tell the tale, and those who do retreated deep into the nearby cave system to hide. The murderers had won this day, but next time we will be prepared!

This event was the first GM run event in Mortal Online. GMs triggered the event, then sat back and enjoyed the show. There was no warning, only word of mouth, which made the whole event a very welcome surprise (especially for those in Cave Camp, suddenly getting attacked by Risar!). We have been promised that this is the first of many such events that will be happening in Mortal Online, and we also know that in some encounters GM’s themselves will take direct control of the bosses we will have to fight.

Many thanks go out to SV for setting up the event. It was unfortunate that there was a server crash just after the Red force attacked us, but otherwise everything seemed very smooth and fun.

For more info and screenshots, see the threads on the official forum here and here



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