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Flintwick | 9 December 2010 | 0 Comments

20:01 <@Maerlyn> Ok, lets start
20:01 <@Maerlyn> welcome all to the monthly House of Commons chat
20:01 <@Maerlyn> for those of you who are new to this I’ll briefly explain the procedure
20:02 <@Maerlyn> you can send your questions to one of the question takers ([QT]Magree, [QT]Khalim and [QT]Reynevan]
20:02 <@Maerlyn> please word your questions in a way that we can understand them :P
20:02 <@Maerlyn> I will then post the questions in this channel and Henrik will answer them
20:03 <@Maerlyn> a log of this chat will be posted on the forums and you can also find it on the dev tracker:

20:03 <@Maerlyn> What do we have to look forward to with Mini-games? Will there be multiplayer (2 or more) games?
20:05 <@HenrikNystrom> At first there will be a “traditional” minigame for 2 or more players to play, we will be able to expand this area after this first minigame in place.
20:06 <@HenrikNystrom> you will see the first game and how they can work in the coming patch next week.

20:06 <@Maerlyn> When will we see more player town content such as buildings and things to do?
20:07 <@HenrikNystrom> We are working on pve and social, where player building/options are involved, we are planning a cheaper house for solo/small groups, more options and useful tools for houses and keeps
20:07 <@HenrikNystrom> we have a good long list, a few things from the community with requests for player keeps that we will be adding.
20:08 <@HenrikNystrom> a few things of this will come in the patch after the one we plan to go live with next week

20:08 <@Maerlyn> How are the magic schools coming along? What Flash features can we look forward to with magic?
20:09 <@HenrikNystrom> Magic is being carefully planned so its a good implementation that works well, we dont want to rush it at this point.
20:09 <@HenrikNystrom> Flash makes it possible to design the schools exaclty how we want them.

20:09 <@Maerlyn> What are your plans on taverns and other social like content ?
20:10 <@HenrikNystrom> we have some interesting plans for taverns and social like content, for isntance visiting a tavern will be more important when you have long term wounds
20:11 <@HenrikNystrom> its a place to play games, you can put money or item to the winner.
20:11 <@HenrikNystrom> we have 2 systems tied to taverns and social visits, social “points” and long term wounds, those are positive affected by visiting a tavern for instance

20:12 <@Maerlyn> Will you add some kind of Small bosses soon? , like 3-4 ppl ones that could make the game more interesting for small groups of ppl?
20:12 <@HenrikNystrom> The coming patch includes some improvements to our AI/PVE which makes our coming creatures/bosses a bit more interesting to fight
20:13 <@HenrikNystrom> we have planned pve content after this patch.

20:13 <@Maerlyn> How far along is alchemy? Can you tell us a bit about it?
20:14 <@HenrikNystrom> Butchery is just before alchemy, and butchery is coming in this patch (next week)

20:14 <@Maerlyn> Any news on future 64bit support?
20:15 <@HenrikNystrom> not at the moment, it requires some time before we can enable that support again, but we thought that we had some bugs that we really should take care of first, and deliver what we talked about for this patch.

20:15 <@Maerlyn> Are any new feautres planned to improve guilds and guild interfaces?
20:16 <@HenrikNystrom> yes, war declaration guild alliances will get some updates and fixes.

20:16 <@Maerlyn> When will territory owners start getting more control over their land? IE:  Dictating price for land and who can build on it.
20:17 <@HenrikNystrom> we are creating a new prio list after xmas when we start looking over that area, we will update under dev section and we will also see what area needs most focus.

20:17 <@Maerlyn> My question is, after a few of the patches plan, will there be a change to the patching time tables, so for example would you do biweekly content patches or monthly content patches or stick with the “weekly patchs”
20:19 <@HenrikNystrom> we are heading into a new phase after xmas, we have made some changes since our last patch issues and hope we can get a good pipeline to work with. Im not sure yet what kind of time table we are talking about for our coming patches/content.

20:19 <@Maerlyn> What sort of creatures can we look forward to with the Creature Pack? Will it include Humanoid races? When can we look forward to it arriving?
20:20 <@HenrikNystrom> as you know, Nave is full of wild animals and beasts today, and we have been struggeling with the AI for some time.
20:21 <@HenrikNystrom> Now when we are getting the AI to work as intended we will start adding some interesting creatures, we are slowly working on a creature “pack” and some tougher creatures.
20:22 <@HenrikNystrom> As long as our coming patch moves the AI in the right direction the faster we will be able to patch new creatures that will make the world a bit more alive and interesting, of course new dungeons is included in this.

20:22 <@Maerlyn> With the Greater Kimiru spawning very frequently and the rewards from him so great isn’t there a concern that inflation of gold will soon set in? And are there any plans to increase his spawn timer and/or make him a more difficult encounter?
20:23 <@HenrikNystrom> there is a large random factor of when the G Kimuru can spawn, lately its been rolled on a pretty fast respawn. We may have to rebalance the spawn values a bit if it spawns to fast. It do takes quite some work to beat it and it also cost some money/resources to do.
20:24 <@HenrikNystrom> It will also get an update on its behaviour in this patch, which should make it more interesting and challenging.

20:24 <@Maerlyn> What are the future plans for stealing? I know there are plans for other rogue skills, but I’d like to see some love for the mechanics of the already existing stealing skills. Maybe some stealing minigame to add some player skill factor?
20:25 <@HenrikNystrom> stealing will be changes along with when we get bag system in place and free grid inventory system with flash.
20:25 <@HenrikNystrom> we aim to give as much player skills as possible in stealing as well

20:25 <@Maerlyn> When butchery comes in, will we be able to (or required to) eat food? If so, can we eat too much and become overweight, or not eat enough and become underweight? Will this affect skill points, movement speed, or other skills?
20:26 <@HenrikNystrom> but character attribute do allways have a bonus or weakness vs different actions, as you have learned by now int is an important factor vs stealing.
20:26 <@HenrikNystrom> stealing on weight/stacks will also be changed a bit, so there will be more controll for the thief

20:27 <@Maerlyn> little hick up there, my bad
20:29 <@HenrikNystrom> you wont be required to eat food in this patch, what we enable is the butchery system that gives us a new “profession” after that it will be tied to long term wounds/food

20:30 <@Maerlyn> Hi Henrik, we have seen some weeks ago a giant bird flying over Fabernum, but now where is it? What is it? Can we have some news about it?
20:31 <@HenrikNystrom> Im sorry but I cant answer that, things will get more clear eventually, if things moves to “slow” there will be more clues within the game.
20:31 <@HenrikNystrom> But I can tell you that it is the bird on the candle on the website, and it is an epic creature.

20:32 <@Maerlyn> when will we see new skills added to diversify professions like taming that only need 200 points?
20:33 <@HenrikNystrom> very soon, we are working on taming, skills that allows you to controll more than 1 pet, tasks that gives the opportunity to give new skills. We still only have a small list of our skills in game, we are working on skills atm and you already see the change by how you discover and learn them

20:33 <@Maerlyn> Any update on the flash UI and what we can expect about it?
20:35 <@HenrikNystrom> We have made some improvements and bug fixes in the flash UI in this patch, but we still have the old GUI in most areas, some windows are “tied” to eachothers and some other systems which forces us to update them in a “chunk” but its to far off when this is done.

20:35 <@Maerlyn> Can we have a bit more informations on player towns content ? Like having a banker or utility vendor, or being able to craft grinders/crushers in towns
20:37 <@HenrikNystrom> yes, we noticed that most players agreed on a storage and utility vendor in houses and keeps, so we are working on those areas, to give more tools and options to place a friend as house co owner or friended so they can access different things in houses as well.

20:37 <@Maerlyn> Any updates on the etherworld? I think you have said that it should be filled with creatures and stuff
20:38 <@HenrikNystrom> yes, etherworld got an important update in this patch that enables just that. There will be danger and things to solve in etherworld.

20:38 <@Maerlyn> Any update on fixes reguarding archery coming up in the near future?
20:40 <@HenrikNystrom> atm Im playing the game without any “gm cheats” to better understand each play style for instance archery is something I train atm. offten our team have very little time to actually play the game atm which is a bit sad because it puts us one step behind you guys in many areas.
20:41 <@HenrikNystrom> Archery have a few issues and its been nerfed pretty hard, and we are rebalancing the use of bows to get each bow type in their rightful area of use
20:41 <@HenrikNystrom> for instance there is a bow built in mind to use on a mount, that will be more effective on a mount accuracy will be improved
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> but some other bows will get a higher penalty on horse because they are not designed to be used effectivly on a mount
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> we will look over the “circle” and change that as we are not happy with that, so in generall, it will get an update both in animation, how you fire an arrow and each bow will get their area improved.

20:43 <@Maerlyn> What will be the changes to Extraction?
20:44 <@HenrikNystrom> I really cant answer that question, Mats have made some changes in the system to fit the original design how you actually extract. I will see if Mats can fill in some information on this one, or you will find out soon enough. :)

20:44 <@Maerlyn> Do you plan to implement all / most magic schools in 1 huge patch?
20:45 <@HenrikNystrom> No, the magic school list is very long and each school is very different from another, we will most likely add 1 or 2 at the time depending on what school we are talking about.

20:45 <@Maerlyn> Hello. It’s been some time now that players have been asking for a banker in players town, as well as craftable grinders/crushers and utility vendors. Is it something we’re going to see anytime soon ? Let’s say, see at all.
20:46 <@HenrikNystrom> we also want a school to come with all it spells/functions reagents and skills. so when we add a new magic school it will be something more than just adding a few new spells
20:46 <@HenrikNystrom> yes, we are planning to add storage in player cities/keeps

20:47 <@Maerlyn> Are you already working on the next continent? which continent will it be?
20:47 <@HenrikNystrom> we are not working on a new continent at the moment. We are focusing on filling Myrland with its planned dungeons and creatures, and ofcourse to solve all our major bugs as soon as possible.
20:48 <@HenrikNystrom> We have fixed a ton of bugs for this patch, hopefully we will be able to focus more on player content after it.

20:48 <@Maerlyn> Some have been calling for weapon/armour drops from mobs, others say they dont want this as it would undermine crafters. What is SVs view on this and how do they plan to make loot interesting whilst maintaining a reason to craft?
20:49 <@HenrikNystrom> normal weapon/armor loot from mobs wont be better than crafted weapons/armor
20:50 <@HenrikNystrom> there will be some rare cases when mobs may drop something valuable, but it wont replace the crafters weapons/armor, because those weapons/armors will break, and be a target for other players when spoted.
20:50 <@HenrikNystrom> but when traveling in Nave, you will be spending a lot of different weapons/armor, that only a player crafter can create.

20:52 <@Maerlyn> Now we have lag when crossing nodes and lags/desync in mass PvP, when it will be fixed? when we will se improvement?
20:54 <@HenrikNystrom> we have identified a huge performance drop in large scale battles, which we can improve a lot, it should for sure give be a difference in large scale.
20:54 <@HenrikNystrom> We dont lod all things on a player/mount when loaded for the player, we will put lods on everything shortly which should imrpove performance a lot in large scales
20:55 <@HenrikNystrom> we are constantly working on node performance, in most cases our fixes cant go live direclty because they must come with a client patch

20:57 <@Maerlyn> [combining 2 questions] Will the flaggin system be tweaked? [and] What are plans for pushing as it is annoying and used by bluegriefers alot. 5 Blues can constantly push you in towns without any penalties..?
20:59 <@HenrikNystrom> the core of the flagging system is very important for us, sometime there comes a new case also when we introduce new features, that forces us to look over the flagging system again.
21:00 <@HenrikNystrom> we have not got any reports on players got ruined game time due to a blue player been pushing them. As long as its not becomes a problem for the majority of our players we wont change the core just like that, there must be a valid reason, and we need to test it alot before changing something like that.
21:00 <@HenrikNystrom> pushing is in the game to be able to get out of places where you are blocked in diff cases, and in most cases it works to help that.
21:01 <@HenrikNystrom> but we are allways happy to hear your feedback and we will evaluate the situation.

21:01 <@Maerlyn> Ok ladies and gents, the last question for tonight:
21:01 <@Maerlyn> When you will introduce epic monsters controlled by gms/mods?
21:02 <@HenrikNystrom> Sooner than you expect :) You have seen a glimpse of an epic. And you will most likely notice when our upcoming events starts.

21:03 <@Maerlyn> Ok people, thank you all for attending the HoC. A log will be posted on the forums shortly. We know that this month’s chat was a bit shorter than usual but the intense work is taking its toll, even on the boss.

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