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Flintwick | 23 November 2010 | 0 Comments


Tindrem Arena opening for Test Fights and NGF Tournament

The arena in Tindrem will open for the public tomorrow November 23rd. Players can engange in brutal gladiator battles and prepare for the first community gladiator event, organised and run by the NGF (Nave Gladiator Federation) which will be held at Midnight (GMT+1) on November 27th. The exact opening time will be announced on the forums tomorrow.

The arena has a specific rule set in place, flagging blue players gray automatically once they enter. Red flagged players will still keep their flag but the special priest in the arena will resurrect them without statloss.

Special Offers for Customers - 4 days left!

7-Day “Back-to-game” special for previous customers

From November 19th to November 26th customers who have previously bought the game and no longer have an active subscription are invited back to the game.

Special game-time offer for 1 week

If you buy 1 month of game time you get an additional 5 days.
If you buy 3 months of game time you get an additional 20 days.
If you buy 6 months of game time you get an additional 50 days.

This offer lasts only till November 26th!

Get the game client HERE.

The Mortal Online Team

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