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Mortal Online Newsletter October 13th 2010

We are now launching our new website and the new build of Mortal Online, which will bring Mortal Online to the next level! As you know, we could only get so far with the previous build of the Unreal Engine due to a few undesired restrictions in Mortal Online. After many months of hard work and testing we are now proud to go live with the new build of Mortal Online; with huge improvements overall in the game, our past restriction are resolved. Mortal Online will now truly begin to show its full potential in this following period.

With the new build we are now fully supporting the following:

* 64 bit OS support with improved memory management for those who use a 64 bit system. Traveling through the world should be a bit smoother and more stable than before. [Flint: This has been delayed due to last minute issues]
* Latest Unreal Engine 3.
* Direct X 10 support, visual improvements for Direct X 10 users.
* Added high resolution textures on all creatures and the world of Nave. Next, we will add higher resolution packages on players.
* Overall optimization and performance boost in the world of Nave.
* One server for the entire world: We are now able to add more hardware to support more players in our game world. Based on current server setup, we will be able to support around 27,000 simultaneous players on our continent of Nave. Final connection tests worldwide shows that latency is well enough for competitive PvP. The server connection is slowly being expanded to achieve even better latency in different countries worldwide.
* The majority of trees in Nave are now powered by SpeedTree.
* Flash support has been tested and works well. This also opens up possibilities for different features which require a faster GUI than what we used before. We can now finally get some proper first 2-3 hour experience for new players that will give them a fair chance to learn the game mechanics and get the opportunity to get into the game.
* New lightning system which gives better performance on shadows and an improved visual effect throughout the game.
* Navmesh system implemented into the build. This is a vital step towards Mortal Online having proper AI which can use our AI code and properly navigate in the world as they should. This will allow us to expand PvE areas of the game.
* Expanded server side checks and included protocols to verify legal in-game actions for players.
* A prediction and interpolation system is now in place for more precise movement. Player position is much more accurate and smooth than before, which improves many areas such as PvP.

Combat Changes

We have carefully listened to feedback when it comes to combat. Many thought that our combat was the best they ever experienced in any MMORPG in the earlier beta and at the beginning of our release. We have since then added complex systems which were not yet fully compatible with our combat system; we have started working on balancing to get back to the same feeling we had in the beginning. We have started to rework all of our combat animations to make it both look and feel a lot better, while at the same time being more responsive than before. We have adjusted stamina and damage on weapons so that they are more similar to the result which we had in our earlier days, which most people wanted back.

Like we said before, we still have more work ahead to get this where we want it. We are also evaluating other solutions to stamina usage. We are very confident that in time, and with your feedback, we will have a very unique and exciting combat system in Mortal Online.

Magic will now also get some major changes and improvement with the flash system in place.

Along with some major changes to the game engine above, we were also able to solve some critical issues within the game which you can read about in our patch notes.

New Contest

Along with the new build going live we will give you the opportunity to be part of a new video contest. More information about the contest will be posted on the website and the forums very soon.

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