MO Weather System Explained

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(Information curtesy of starvault - Weather system explained | Mortal Online)

Weather System Explained

The weather system in Mortal Online is a complex yet fairly simple simulation of real weather mechanics. The world of Nave is divided into “weather regions”, each with its own unique properties such as moisture level, average temperature and more; just enough properties to define a desert as a desert, a jungle as a jungle, a mountaintop as a mountaintop and so on. Every region is then linked by what could be described as “weather paths” to all of its neighbours. These paths describe the relationship between the neighbours, how large the altitude difference is, if there is a mountain in the way and how long the borders between them are. By doing this we have formed a graph describing the terrain from a weather perspective:

With this graph we can now calculate the weather; all we need is the wind, time of year (global average temperature) and a starting condition. The wind is the only random element in this simulation. The direction of the wind changes slowly and the magnitude also differs between every update. The starting condition is simply set to what the weather could be like in the different regions, during the particular season and time of day.

As the weather system is activated, all we have got to do is let it evolve. With every update, the wind blows through the regions and the weather changes slowly. For instance, if the wind is blowing through a region with a high temperature, it will carry heat and humidity into the neighbouring regions in the wind direction. A high humidity forms into clouds, which in turn may create low atmospheric pressure, causing rain to pour down. The low pressure will then spread to other regions causing a front to pass over the world. After some time you may begin to see these patterns in the weather, and you may also try to predict them:

- Maybe you have seen the storm in the south, thinking it might drift to you in a few hours as the wind blows in your direction. Maybe now is a good time to put on some sturdy clothes to protect you from the rain?

- Maybe the region you live in have a tendency to produce heavy fog during the morning hours. Knowing this could be useful when moving valuable goods, or, eventually, for moving huge equipment unnoticed.

However the weather system isn’t limited to affecting you as a player, or the creatures of the world for that matter. The main benefit of having a dynamic system as opposed to a “scripted” or predefined one is that it can react to things. Events in the world which are based on player actions may trigger the properties of the weather at any time. And instead of just waiting for the morning fog, or hoping for a huge thundercloud to appear above your enemies keep - eventually you may start to look for ways to affect the weather yourself…

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