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What is Mortal Online?

Mortal Online is a first-person, persistent, fantasy based, sandbox MMOG. It is a semi “low fantasy” setting in which the world, Nave, is imaginary but follows many of the practical rules of our own reality. Crafters will be particularly aware of this as they learn that they will need to study the real world equivalents of their trade to make the highest quality items in game.

(The mountainside town of Fabernum)

Mortal is a single server/shard game and has initially launched with a massive seamless 64km2 continent called Myrland, which contains a diverse terrain ranging from deserts, to grassy plains, to forests and dense jungles. In addition to Myrland, up to five other continents are planned, expanding the size and diversity of Mortal Online to unprecidented levels.

This is a true sandbox game with a focus on a realistic graphic style, complex character skills and player interaction. There are no levels to grind and there are no NPCs or quest lines to direct the action. Decisions made by players determine the outcome of every encounter, and the world changes and reacts dynamically to their actions. Every time you log in you will have a unique experience.

(The fishing town of Meduli at night)

What can I be in Mortal Online?
Anything you want to be! There are no traditional classes in Mortal Online. Instead players create their own class templates by selecting and combining skills of their own choosing. Creation backgrounds offer new players a sort of partial, pre-designed template to get them started, but even these are not restricted. Characters can learn new skills at any time. In short, if you start as a melee fighter and decide you wish to become an armor smith instead, you simply “forget” your old skills and learn the new ones. There is no need to delete and recreate your character.

As the game matures, there will be class-type options available through NPC trade guilds, where players will have to meet certain criteria to be titled as that specific class. These “classes” may require you to limit your template and sacrifice certain abilities, but in return you’ll benefit from special bonuses that aren’t otherwise available. There will be the traditional warrior, thief and mage types, but there will also be some special titles that are intimately tied to the world lore or reserved for veteran players.

Is Mortal Online just another PvP gankfest?
Mortal Online is not a game that is focused solely on Player vs. Player combat, but player conflict is an integral part of the game world. No artificial mechanics have been introduced to prevent you playing the way you want to play, which includes attacking another player, however there are certain rules to prevent wanton ganking and these rules are enforced by a complex flagging system. In short, you can take any action you wish, but for certain actions (such as murdering innocents) there are consequences.

(a TOG building party on its way out to build a house)

Im new, can I compete?
Combat in Mortal Online is real time and is primarily based on player skill. Character skills and equipment do have an impact on damage given and taken, but they don’t give an overwhelming advantage. A weaker, undergeared character still has a chance to survive so long as the player is able to think fast and use every advantage he finds.

What about PvE?
Besides the hunting of animals both common and exotic, explorers are bound to face savage monsters and strange tribes of hostile but intelligent non-human creatures. Never assume any treasure is left unprotected! As the game matures, one of a kind PvE events are planned. Players will encounter epic “world bosses” that, once defeated, will never respawn again. Each encounter will be unique and will require massive player cooperation. PvE encounters will truly shape the future of Nave.

(Deep in a cave inhabited by spiders and their eggs)

TOG in MO?
TOG currently has one guild within Mortal Online, which has positioned itself as a crafter/trade guild (with fighters providing protection/support as well as hunting for animal materials). They have already made strong diplomatic ties to some of the biggest guilds and alliances in Mortal Online, and have positioned themselves well to be an integral part of the wider community of Nave.

This doesn’t sound appealing? Come aboard anyway, play the lone wolf, or gather other likeminded TOGers and start a new guild with whatever goal you have in mind, be it outlaws, mercenaries, fishermen or shipwrights. I am proud to say the TOG MO division has some of the most friendly members I have had the priviledge to play alongside, and whatever you want to be in MO, you will be welcomed with open arms.

(a TOG group out on the hunt)

Is this game for me?
Mortal Online is an already rich game, with amazing potential, and which is driven by a team with the grandest of visions. It is a brutal world, with full PvP and full Loot, but with that comes an excitement, exhileration and immersion you are unlikely to find in any other game. So, if you are looking for the next WoW clone, or a nice fluffy game to turn to, Mortal is not for you.

If, however, you are looking for a brutally realistic world, with next-generation graphics, dynamic world features, real risk for real rewards, and the freedom to express your own imagination your own way; Welcome to your new home. Welcome to Mortal Online.

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