Mortal Online Newsletter Issue 1

Flintwick | 26 August 2010 | 0 Comments

The time has come to claim the land!

In the past two weeks we implemented a variety of interesting and exciting features for both the RP-playerbase as well as the PVPers. Guild tags, player vendors, deployable extracting appliances, campfires, horse armor and much more. Finally, on Aug 16th we implemented the basic core of the territory control system together with siege weaponry.

Council of Patriarchs & House of Commons

As an “extension” to the feedback forum we created a section called “The Council of Patriarchs” on the forums.
Guilds (of all sizes!) can appoint/elect two representatives that will gain access to this section.
In it the representatives will have a forum to give concentrated feedback/ideas/suggestions/etc from their guild’s members and it gives us at Star Vault the possibility to quickly check back with the larger and especially organised part of the community.
The guild leaders can send the forum names of their two representatives to Maerlyn via PM and will then be granted access. Please keep in mind that only “established” guilds will be able to send in representatives. 1-man-guilds, etc will not be granted access.

We also want to give all non-guilded players a better possibility to raise their points/questions with us directly.
We will be having moderated chat sessions for the entire community on our IRC network stratics on a regular basis now. These so called “House of Commons Chats” are organized and moderated by Stratics.
The first HoC-chat was held on Thursday, Aug. 12th, the log of which can be found here.
House of Commons chats will be held regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month with the next chat being on September 9th.

Mortal Update Twitter

The new MortalUpdate Twitter feed, which is also displayed on the main website, will inform you regularly about all minor and major information regarding Mortal Online. Subscribe now so you don’t miss anything!

The Mortal Chronicles

“Ah, young scribe. I was expecting you. Sit.” The Master of Archives put down a heavy, lead bound codex and pointed toward a simple brownwood chair in front of him.
“The time has come for you now to leave these great halls. You will venture out into the world and do what we are here to do: collect knowledge and store it for all times. Be valiant young one ... and always remember, the quill is mightier than the sword. Well, at least it’s more important”, he said with a barely noticeable, almost rascally smile.

As the young scribe and others like him venture out into Myrland, you, our treasured readers, will be able to review their notes on these sites.
Reports from battles, small and large, conquests, heroic deeds and interesting or entertaining oddities in the world of Nave will be reported and collected here by our brave scribes.
Of course all scribes pledge an oath of neutrality when it comes to describing the things they saw or heard. So the information given to you here is as un-biased as possible.

For those of you who have ink running in their veins rather than blood and wish to contribute (from time to time or on a regular basis): You can submit newsworthy information or get in touch with the Master of Archives .
Please note that this section is entirely community driven. All content is provided by the volunteer scribes.

Under Development Section

For those of you who wonder what we are up to and what you can expect in the near future, be sure to check out the ”Under Development” section on The section will be kept up to date with both short term and long term development goals.

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