Mortal Online - Story: A Warrior is Born

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A Warrior is Born

It was a wet, dark night. Rain was pouring down on the smelly alleys of Tindrem. It was at this moment that Garla was being thrown out of the front door of The Red Flower tavern. The Red Flower was a place where all sorts of people passed through. Infact it was a magnet for the best of the worse of them. Infamous criminals, drug dealers, slave traders and thieves rejoiced in the foul and stenchy atmosphere which sweat, blood and smoke provided. The little stage in front, that hosted a different bard or dancer every night, might as well not have existed. Needless to say, the place often had more fighting than drinking.

Logi, the slender bartender with the trimmed beard and the fancy pirates hat, had ran the place for 20 years. He also had strong connections with the criminal underworld thanks to an undestanding he had with Father Feris, formerly the head priest of a circle of dark heretics that had their base near the lawless Thursar town of Gaul Kor. Father Feris has been known by that name for decades now, but noone knows his real identity. He quickly managed to rise in the hierarchy of the night lords within the dock area of Tindrem, where his political affiliations with a formidable amount of the royal court and some members of the council really made things sail smoothly for him. Logi knew all this and was really happy to be able to seal alliances like this one.

Garla was bred and raised in Tindrem. She was the child of the famous blacksmith Lorelion, whos pioneering research in the evolution of steel alloys for the Tindremic Empire were phenomenal. Some even compared his work to the Huergar master metallurgists themselves. Her mother Aethela was a known healer in the area of Tindrem. She offered her services at the Tindremic church, were she relieved the ill and misfortunate, however now she has lost her senses and is bedridden. Life was quite ironic to her, as the illness she suffers from has no cure. Garla had searched for years through these dusty volumes of herbology to discover a way to help her, but with no success. After her fathers death and her mothers illness Garla quickly discovered the grim and harsh nature of life. She strived to produce an income for herself and her younger brother Peter. Garla was an attractive woman with long red hair and illuminescent blue eyes, and she usually waitressed at the Red Flower for her coin. Usually… She put up with every insult and harassment the Red Flower patrons could offer her because she had no other choice. Being a young woman with no husband really didnt leave many options for Garla, so she would take advantage of her looks to make 20 silver a night, but this didn’t come without a price. Ten months ago Jareg, the right hand of Father Feris and his personal bodyguard, did the worst thing someone could to a living woman.

Jareg was a ferocious looking male. He was heavily built, more than two meters tall, with a shaven head and brown yellow eyes. He had built his reputation as a hitman and a brutal interogator for the lesser bosses of the area. He was feared and respected despite his blood line had really no place in Tindrem. There was two reasons he was still breathing. Father Feris and his oghmium greatsword, the “Cleaver”. For quite a long time Jareg had watched Garla, he had persevered. He was obsessed with her feminine walk, the way her eyes showed no fear, her delicate hands. Late one night he had stalked her back to her house. Just as she arrived at her doorstep he jumped her, his right hand tightly covering her mouth while the left one quickly ripped way both her clothes and her dignity. It was quick but she felt like it was an eternity in hell. After that incident, having nowhere to turn, she just kept her mouth shut and went on with her life. However, inside of her things were starting to change, not only her burning hatred for Jareg. She had planned and envisioned hundreds of ways to make him suffer, she had imagined different paths of pain and agony, so she could repay the “loving” gift that bastard had given her.

It was two months later that she realised something was wrong. Her appetite was stronger and her senses were keener, she even thought she looked refreshed and younger day by day. It was then she realised that she was carrying a child. The child of… She felt nauseated and disgusted and passed out right away, her brother Peter woke up to find her lying on the floor and quickly got her up and gave her a glass of water. As soon as she had recovered she thought deeply what was happening, and sat down peacefully to consider things, and when she stepped out the door a peculiar feeling of serenity and peace struck her. Next morning, when she went on a trip to the suburbs of tindrem to gather some flowers and herbs, she was almost happy.

The days went by and life found its old pace for Garla. She continued to serve at the Red Flower and the patrons continued to harass and humiliate her. She knew that her job there had an expiration date once Logi found out that she was pregnan,t but she had already made new plans. She knew she had but a couple of months until her time ran out. Every night Jareg gave her the same dirty look dressed with a grin of arrogance.

One rainy night the inn was packed with people and work was really hectic, it was exactly what Garla was looking for. She made sure that Feris and his henchmen would sit at the usual spot at the right corner of the inn. Jareg took his usuall place right next to his boss, as it was the only spot he could fit. Their drinks arrived right after they sat down, the usuall aged wine from the hills near Vadda. As Garla approached her eyes were as cold as the deepest ocean and filled with determination, she passed each their goblets and left the wine at the center of the table. Quickly she turned her back to them and went on with her business.

Garla knew she had little time. She was observing Jareg drink one glass of wine after the other. His drinking rate was faster than usual, so she had to do something and fast. As she moved towards the bar holding some tankards of ale, a group of men started to call her names and whistle. She quickly made an awkward move to try to avoid a group of men by pretending that she was losing her balance. She passed right next to the most annoying of them, exactly the one she wanted, and as she expected he reached his arm out to grab her. Quickly she checked Jaregs table to see what was going on, and saw Jareg trying to reassure his mates that he was alright, however he seemed quite drunk and nauseated. At that precise moment, the man who grabbed her was already laying his hands around her breast. She yelled and tried to resist, although she knew she shouldn’t, but she needed a little bit more time. With a sudden move he tried to hug her and grab her hair, but She slapped him right there and threw a tankard of ale in his face. He got up along with his friends just to find himself lying down after being hit by the other tankard right in the face. Immediately a small fight started that caught most of the patrons attention, and noone noticed the huge orc rushing through the back door to the back alley. Garla then knew that she should push it a little bit more and kicked one of the men in the groin. Logi, the boss, had seen the whole scene from the start gave a slight nod to Orgmir the blain bouncer of the inn. Orgmir grabbed her by her waist and with one hand raised her to his shoulder, before throwing her out into the street along with her nights wages, which just clanging down the wet pavement.

This is it Garla thought. She rushed through the back alley and found the big orc standing with his face to the wall, throwing up violently. She quickly unsheathed the dagger hidden in the stockings of her right thigh. Just a little bit longer she thought… just a little bit longer. 5 seconds later the huge humanoid passed out, just as Garla started to feel strong pains in her belly and Fluid started to run down her legs. She struggled to reach the fallen orc, one , two… five steps and she was there. The rain was pouring down heavily but she didnt care. She was wet to the bone and she knew she only had a couple of minutes. “Thank you mom” she wispered, then She raised her hand to make the blow. She struck him in the neck aiming for the main carotid arteries that she had seen in some books. She screamed of pain. The second blow come down and blood covered her face. She screamed again in pain. The third and final blow was aimed for his heart and as soon as the dagger pierced his heart she stumbled, not able to understand what was happening to her, and reached a hand out to the wall to support herself. She fell to the ground and made a final push followed by a scream of pain. Fortunately the rain was falling so heavily that nothing else could be heard over the noise. She heard it though, a small cry. She looked down and lying on the wet, dirty alleys of Tindrem she saw her son.

She saw Berren. 

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Excellent story Berren, it really captures the dark gritty nature of Mortal Online. Well thought out and written. Kudos!

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