Mortal Online Story - The Order of the Bull Horse

Flintwick | 29 September 2010 | 0 Comments

They stood over the camp looking down. Neither were large men, but both were lean and their muscles had the tautness of those used to running through the harshest of terrains with the ease that a city dweller walks down a street.

With the older one you could see the age in him. It was in his hair and on his face but not in his body. The younger man had the same build but possessed an eagerness in anticipation of the up coming moment. Their meeting here was to test the younger and to see if he had what it would take to join the Order, an order that was one of the most elite in nave.

(a bull horse, armoured ready for battle)

“So Cloudrider, what is the first tenet of the Order of the bull horse?” asked the aged one.

“To carry no gear that could be lost, to wear no armor, and carry only one silver. Master Taciturnu” Says Cloudrider.

“One silver? And why would you carry any coin at all?”

“Well to give to the stable master of course after successfully taming a Bull horse. See here is mine” Cloudrider smiles as he holds up his shiny coin “And today I will be giving to the stable master after taming my first bull horse!”

Tacturnu looks at his younger companion, smiling as Cloudrider stares down that the camp below and says “We carry no weapon obviously because no one can tame and fight at the same time, but why no armor? There are Risars down there. Orc Spawn. Those axes are huge they will surely cut you in half.”

Cloudrider smirks “Not me master you have trained me to be an member of the order of the Bull Horse. I am as fast as the wind, armor would only slow me down” and much more softly he continues “well, if I trip or something the Risars will gut me and it would be just something to lose.”

“Why is it we come here to this distant outpost and risk ourselves again the Orc Spawn?”

“That is simple. Because in all of Nave this is the only place that a bull horse will be born. Somewhere down in that camp it will appear and yes Master I am watching the Risars and studying the paths through the camp so no mater where it is born I will all ready know the best path.”

“One last question then. Why is it that they call you Cloudrider?” asks Tactiturnu.

Cloudrider looks to the sky and stretches out his hand. “Because One day I will tame a cloud and ride it to another land to see what I can tame there”

“Or at least I will tame a beast the soars among them” he thinks to himself.

(a risar camp)

As he looks back down to the tent filled camp, he see the swish of a tail. Quickly looking closer he sees it, The magnificent profile of a Bull Horse. Huge and heavily muscled, nearly half again as tall as the steppe horses of the plains. The Bull was born near the back of the camp, which was a good thing because even as Cloudrider was running down around a Huge rock of Granum to reach it, two heavily armored Myrmidons were riding into the camp on Steppe Horses.

Myrmidons were murderers and thieves, they killed all that crawled their path and today they had seen Cloudrider running down the hill. The Myrmidons moved to intercept but Cloud, but true to his word he was nearly as fast as the wind and paid the villains no mind. He could not, he needed to enter the trance of the trainer, readying his mind the connect with the horse while prepainring his body to dodge its hooves, in case it should notice of before he had made the connection and calmed the beast to the point where he could mount it.

Cloud swung wide around the rock so that he could approach the Bull Horse from is side, thereby not drawing its attention before he was ready. This was very important because a Bull Horse could crush a mans skull with a single blow.

At last, he was there next to the magnificent beast, his mind making the connection and starting to calm the horse. But trouble was coming. A Risar had noticed him and the myrm’s had their weapons out. With out thought cloud positioned the bull horse between himself and the villains. The riser first swing was avoided, but in doing so he needed to step in front of the bull horse and there were fire in its eyes.

Panic nearly overwhelmed Cloudrider and he almost lost the connection as a huge hoof struck his sholder, almost driving him unconscious with pain.

“Please don’t fight me” Cloudrider spoke into the beasts mind “I am your friend, I mean you no harm”.

Suddenly, it happened. The link was formed and the Bull Horse was his to command.

(a majestic Bull Horse)

“I name you Zelragin and I call upon you to protect me!!!” he screams as fast as lightening.

The Bull Horse spun its massive bulk around, rearing high to face the Myrmidons, its massive hooves seeking their armored forms. One hoof connected with an armored head, and down a villain fell, their helm dented and skull crushed.

Now, the Myrmidons may be murderous villains when they have the advantage, but they are cowards in their hearts. The dead man’s fellows turned and ran leaving their comrade behind to be eaten by orc spawn.

Suddenly a screaming pain erupt in clouds back.

“Damn it, the risar!” he thinks.

Quckly Cloudrider leapt into the air and jumped onto the back of His new friend, turning to charge out of the camp. He is not out of danger yet however as three more Myrmidons were waiting for their companions, and still they outnumbered him.

Well, he would have been in danger, but he was trained by the Order of the Bull Horse and part of that training was how to ride a horse faster than other men, and to ride that horse farther than a horse could normally run.

Cloudrider Simply charged straight through the the Myrmidon scum, startling them, and before they could react and chase him, his superior riding skills quickly outdistanced the pitiful skills of the Myrmidon riders.

As Cloudrider finally reached town, and approached to give the stable master his silver coin, he was startled to see Tactiturnu waiting for him.

Tactiturnu simply smiled at his surprise.

“There is still a lot for you to learn before you tame a cloud.”

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