America’s Army 3 Release Date and Teaser/Trailer

DextrousWeevil | 1 June 2009 | 14 Comments

Get ready solders Uncle Sam is calling you up. He has a whole new game for you to get your self into and it will be upon us June 17th 2009 (june 18th for Aus) check out the short teaser for the up coming America’s Army 3 Better graphics and a far better interface have improved this game IMO no end and it will take some people a little bit of getting used to.

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ooh yeah, looks good, hopefully they will put up an Aus server though..

DextrousWeevil | 06:42 am - 3 June 2009

Yeah I’m hoping that it has Aussie servers from the start as the pings to US kill it for me in testing.

weeks to go

Rapid_Descent | 02:13 am - 4 June 2009

Looks much improved! Will have to grab it - hope GA puts up a mirror.

DextrousWeevil | 06:36 am - 4 June 2009

The only 2 ways to get the game will be via steam or the AA3 Deploy client which is their stand alone peer to peer download client. Work very much the same way any download client does you get the 5 or so meg client from your favourite source then it launches and downloads from a central server.

If you have steam you will be able to download it the same way you do for any steam supported games.

Pre-loaded the client through Steam. Should be ready to go upon release.

Ahhhh,,,,a new game to catch a bullet in,,,,from my teammates.  :-)

Sorry Aussies, I feel for ya.  Hope they help ya out but its a vehicle to get people interested in US Army.  If they charged for it maybe they could.  Write em and let em know ya dig it.  Hey send me a kangaroo :) I wanna go to Australia and will one of these days.  I would move there if I could.  Best of Luck.

In the past ya could put up your own server, just dl the server client. Im sure one of yall has a bad to the bone pc that can handle it.  :-)

A nice PC’s one thing. The main hurdle for most people in Australia is our upload bandwidth. A vast majority of ISPs throttle it to around 64kbps. Some outrageous plans give you twice that. eg. my download bandwidth is 10Mbps, upload is 64kbps. Sigh. One day :)

well thay also used to mail out a disk of the game for $1.00 to cover the shipping cost. I’ll look into that, and if they still do that I’ll buy a lil stack for our Aussie friends.  :-)

DextrousWeevil | 06:56 am - 20 July 2009

HOOAH!!!! you little Rippa that’d be awsome

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