America’s Army: Overmatch (V2.7) Released

Arep | 27 September 2006 | 0 Comments

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America’s Army: Overmatch is the latest incarnation, and has brought to the gaming community a whole gamut of new features for the online gamer. These new features include but are not limited to:

  • Missions featuring cooperative gameplay against Artificial Intelligence in which players experience the overmatch capabilities that the U.S. Army brings to the battlefield to engage and defeat much larger hostile forces.

  • A “record brief” for each player, replicating the records maintained for each Soldier in the Army. Annotations in this “record brief” document players’ successful completion of in-game training from medic to Special Forces and summarize their game play history and performance.

  • The opportunity to train and employ new weapons systems including the Javelin Missile and the CROWS.

  • New vehicles, controlled by players and Opposing Forces (Enemy AI), which enhance the mobility, survivability, and firepower of combat teams.

What does all this mean? 3 new maps, SF Snake Plains, Interdiction and Steamroller.

SF Snakeplains sees the addition of the M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV with CROWS (Common-Remotely-Operated-Weapon-System) , carrying either a .50 Cal MG or MK19 40mm Grenade Launcher. This map is one of 2 new Co-Op maps, Interdiction being the other, where all players are pitted against computer AI enemy’s.

Interdiction is a Jungle scenario again in Co-op mode.

Steamroller is the first map to be delivered by AA’s new Online Content Distribution system, downloading the map as needed. This map includes a 6 story central building in a heavily damaged area.....sniper heaven!

Add to this a complete overhaul of the game engine to include:

  • The Situational Awareness Indicator - A radar style inclusion replacing the HUD compass. SAI allows Squad and Fire Team Leaders to monitor the locations of Soldier’s subordinate to them. Players in non-leadership positions will always see their FTL and SL, to suggest the existence of commo. Additionally, any player in Line-of-Sight (LOS) to the current player is visible in the SAI display, which effectively creates the possibility of linking to players not in direct LOS.

  • New Player Stat Tracking - including training details and all the usual Frag rates, hit counts, accuracy etc

  • An updated Server Browser

  • New Player skins - reflecting modern day uniforms

  • The JAVELIN Missile - Learn how to employ the Army’s first true “Fire and Forget” Anti-Armor weapon: The Javelin.

  • Dynamic Content - The entire America’s Army interface has been revised to be more concise and visually interesting.

All this has been packaged into a 2.5Gb download. There is no patch from 2.6 to 2.7.

The download is available from: or one of the local mirrors shown there.

TOG members interested in joining (or returning) to AA are always welcome to drop into the Division forum where you can get all the latest info on the game.

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