America’s Army: Special Forces Overmatch 2.7

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Overmatch will also introduce a quick-play system for the first time, which will let new players explore different aspects of the game without having to complete the training mode first. Online play in this “explore the Army” mode will happen on separate servers from the regular game, and those playing in this mode will not receive experience points for a character. You won’t get access to all weapons and content in this mode of course. However, the developers see this mode as a great way for prospective players to try out the game before committing the time to go through the training modes and leveling up a character.

New character models will also be introduced in the game that better reflect what today’s soldiers look like. The ACU uniform is the base model, with the new style helmet and Oakley goggles or sunglasses as part of the package. Helmets will have a night-vision clip, and players can choose to have their goggles or shades up on their helmet out of the way or down over their eyes. The models will also be wearing the new digital camouflage, with updated pouches and no more canteens, as US Army soldiers today use camelbacks to carry water. You’ll see those on the new models as well. A total of four new infantry character models and four new variations of special ops are available.

Drivable vehicles, for both players and the computer-controlled soldiers, are perhaps the most exciting new addition to America’s Army in Overmatch. What’s interesting is that these weapons are not manned with a soldier. In response to heavy casualties taken by turret gunners in Iraq, the Army has developed a remotely operated weapon-aiming system for weapon mounts on Hummers. Put simply, there’s now a soldier inside of the vehicle, fully protected by the armor, who controls the gun above with a joystick. Overmatch will simulate this by letting you see through the digital viewpoint that the remote operator sees.

There’s also a brand new weapon in the game, the Javelin anti-tank missile. Designed to follow the heat signature of vehicles, the disposable missile tube fires a missile out and then straight up into the air so that it can come down on the unprotected top of an enemy vehicle.

In addition to all of this new content, a new multiplayer map and two new cooperative levels will be released with Overmatch, which will be playable with 12-player teams. The multiplayer map, which appears to be set in a desolate, dilapidated third-world city. Rubble has collapsed from multistory buildings that are falling apart, giving players a more vertically oriented playing field, with plenty of places to climb up and get elevated firing positions. It looked like something out of Mogadishu, as portrayed in Black Hawk Down.

I for one can’t wait, but of course I’ll have to just like everybody else.

America’s Army: Special Forces Overmatch is currently slated to release in late July on the PC.

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