America’s Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) v2.8.5

DextrousWeevil | 25 April 2009 | 2 Comments

This release includes ES2 updates to four classic maps: SF Courtyard, SF Hospital, Urban Assault and Bridge Crossing.

Cool ES2 on MP maps

The maps have been updated with additional ES2 objects to discover and report. ES2 Bridge is an updated version of the popular Bridge Crossing map with new gameplay elements added such as ES2 objects with enhanced intelligence functionality. Players will be able to unlock access to a new path under the bridge and supply intelligence on enemy positions

I like the sounds of that^^^

We’ve also added improvements to the civilian AI within ES2 Border to have the AI react in a more realistic manner.

Yay hopfully the Ai will run away from gunfire not into it.

US Special Forces and IF Assault The Hospital

US Forces Engage On Urban Assault

Opfor Engage US Forces On Urban Assault

US Special Forces Search The Courtyard For Sensitive Material

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thanx Dex. hey first time I have seen these feeds lol

DextrousWeevil | 07:12 am - 27 April 2009

Geez they been here all this time and you not looked before?

For shame.. :p

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