6 Nov: AA: Thursday Night Pubstack

DextrousWeevil | 5 November 2008 | 0 Comments

Weekly America’s Army Custom Maps PUBstack

Everybody welcome

Going to go with another co-op this week. I’ve read alot about this map and should be alot of fun.

U.S. recon Blackhawk helicopter carrying sensitive information shot down vic grid co-ord
UAV confirms both pilots alive, but a heavy enemy presence in the surrounding area.
Intel also provides that the war criminal General Aku-Daikan is in the area
and the latest report states that an armory has just been constructed.

Time 8.30pm on venty or xfire

Download the map from http://www.aaotts.com

Map Name: SF Highland
Map file name: SFHighland_rc4.aao
Size: 30.2 MB


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