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About TOG, and the BF2 Division

The most important thing about TOG BF2 Division is the friendly and helpful community spirit we have. Our members, like yourself, have more years behind us than the majority of online gamers, which we believe helps maintain the maturity of the community. Maturity in this sense should not be equated to seriousness, lack of skill, lack of time to enjoy games, lack of a sense of humour or the lack of the ability to be silly and stupid sometimes; we are, after all, here to have fun.

It does equate to treating each other with respect and decency, and to avoid being insulting, abusive or annoying (except when done under the umbrella of ‘good mates having a laugh with each other’). This is, 100%, the most important thing in TOG; more important than any game we are playing. It also equates to ‘fair play’; we aren’t here to cheat, either.

We do expect our members to treat other (non-TOG) gamers with respect and decency as well - it’s easy to get involved in an exchange of abuse on gaming servers and others forums, so please do your best to ignore or abstain from such exchanges; remember that as a part of this community, your actions reflect on ALL the people in the community.

Enough of the community stuff - on with the game! To join us online sign up here: TOG BF2 AU/NZ Section, Squad Signup Thread

If you are not a TOG member and wish to join TOG please follow the instructions found here.

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