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Battlefield 2142
Set in a post apocalyptic world where the battles can rage in the air and on the ground, where holding the silos on the ground makes all the difference in the sky. By dominating the fight on the ground to destroy the force field around your enemies Titan. Once this is destroyed you can either invade their titan destroying all the consoles and eventually the core of the Titan or hold the silos and let them destroy it for you.

As a new recruit you can unlock an extensive and varied weapons cache as well as unique side arms and kits that increase your scoring ability. Even as a private you can fully engage the enemy and support your squad members.

The Titan hovers over a world sending waves of troops to engage the enemy on the ground. Heated battles ensue pitting hover tanks against battle walkers, while the menace of a gunship swoops overhead attacking anything in its path. FAV (fast moving Vehicles), APC ( armoured personal carriers) or Flying transporters, ferrying troops to the critical points of the battle field. Once there you must protect or take assets in order to dominate the enemy army and eventually the game.

Try out commander to direct your squad leaders around the map in order to gain the ascendancy on the opposing enemies or again to protect assets.

As the battle rages the fight takes to the ground. Soldiers fight one on one with their high powered and futuristic weapons such as the SAAW (a surface to air anti aircraft weapon). All the while medic and support keep the squad supplied with ammo and healed in order to take the objectives, as the sniper hides patiently picking off the enemy & spotting them for the squad.

From time to time epic infantry only battles take place pitting soldiers against soldiers in an effort to hold or dominate the landscape.

These battles take place on many battlefields and a variety of map rotations, giving a mixture of epic events to challenge the soldier in you. Every map bring its unique challenges with a variety of attacking options. One round your fighting in a ruined city the next over an icy terrain.

Squad up!
As a new recruit it pays to join a squad. Battlefield is a squad based game. It rewards the squad leader following orders set by the commander and in return rewards squad members by following the the orders of their squad leader. By squadding up it will be the quickest way to increase your global point score. This in turn will rank your player up, giving your solider more upgrades and weapons.

BF2142 can be played over and over like a good game of chess, each game resulting in either the destruction of the opponents Titan or the eventual elimination of the enemies Ticket count , as a new recruit you will need to learn to dominate the strategic positions on the maps to achieve this. Being a very social bunch, online and in real life there are always many ways to catch up with this friendly bunch, whether it’s Teamspeak, ingame Voip, social & lan gatherings in the various towns and cities.

Due to the demise of the GA Ladder we’ve sadly closed down our competitive squad, Fremen, but we still have our 2 casual squads if you do like to join the occasional organised scrim. We also have a terrific approachable admin team overseeing the forums, the TOG BF2142 server & our teamspeak.

* Harkonnen Squad
The Harkonnen Squad is for those who enjoy cognac, cigars and the finer things in life! These lazy men and women sit around all day and enjoy the action in a very casual and relaxed manner. But don’t be fooled! While they are extremely casual by nature, they are also a hard-hitting, aggressive bunch. If disturbed, they will teach you what the best thing in life really is: crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you.

* Atreides Squad
House Atreides was formed after a group of players, in search of a more competitive experience, betrayed their former allies in the Harkonnen Squad and struck out on their own. As a result, Atreides is for those who prefer a more organised casual gaming. Training occurs frequently, but there’s no obligation to attend.

As well as supporting both competitive and casual play, the Division runs regular events and maintains special servers to give players some additional variety. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer:

*Scrims with outside communities
Occasionally TOG are challenged by other divisions for a good healthy scrim. Due to the demise of the GA ladder, there are other BF2142 communities looking for a hard fought battle. These scrims are set up by the different teams, all are welcome to join in for those wanting to play in an organised scrim, keep your eyes on the forums.

*Inter Divisional Scrims
These are a regular event just to keep everyone on their toes and get some good practice. Arteides and Harkonnen have a competitive edge towards each other. The scrims are held on a variety of maps and can be either a titan or conquest to keep everyone happy.

*Northern Strike Nights
For those with Northern Strike our admins try to hold a NS night on a regular basis. NS is a terrific way to earn a few new badges and having the different maps is always excellent fun.

* Survivor Series Returns!
Survivor is a game of elimination run by Veteran. Players find themselves stranded on a 2142 server in fear of losing their tags. Armed only with a knife, it’s a case of kill or be killed! The winner is named the Knife King, and Survivor Champion. Interested? Then check out the forums

* Death Race 2142
Jimmywrangles and MaMo76 have worked long and hard to bring you FAV racing! Just keep an eye out in the forums for new races to be announced. Not sure what FAV racings all about? Check out Utube for some great videos from our members.

* Infantry Tournament
One of our members has decided to bring on an infantry challenge
2 x Belgrade small map teams swap so each defends the flags
No commanders allowed
knock out competition so depending on numbers we can play 1 comp per week on a server with level 2 unlocks.
each team must have 2 long term toggers and minimum of 2 newer players.
substitutions must be accepted be opposing captain prior to game commencing.
knock out will continue till there is 1 winner (based on the amount of teams)

*Custom fight nights

Dazaroo found himself playing with the gravity settings on a booked custom server for TOG members. Sure to provide lots of fun and laughter as you battle it out in moon gravity. These can be anything from pistols @ dawn to knifey spoony on an unranked server playing some of the other maps from the GA season six map pack just for a change.

Caught your interest? Look for our servers in game, or drop by the Battlefield 2142 Division on the TOG Forums. You won’t find a friendlier bunch of battle-hardened killers. There are many other unique and fantastic ideas being thought up by the awesome =TOG= BF2142 people all the time. Sign up and invent your own game but BEWARE, we knife first asked questions later.

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