‘A little place called home’

vulcan21 | 7 October 2008 | 5 comments (off)

A little place called home

There is something special about FPS games. I’ve played most styles of games and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Battlefield 2142 is all about the team work. Those of you that have played the game before will know, there’s nothing more fun than being in a great squad, working together to help win the game for your side.

So imagine the rage that builds up inside as you’re having this awesome round, when suddenly your own Titan explodes with the shields still up! Or taking off in the air transport only to have an EMP grenade tossed your way by your own team mate.

That’s right, the team killers, the hackers and the cheaters, the scourge of all games also plagues the land of 2142, and for the longest time there was little you could do about it. Sure you could move to a new server and hope their ilk weren’t there also but for the longest time it seemed all was lost, and they were going to take over the world.

Then, in December 2007 when all seemed lost, the holy grail came into our division. Our own ranked 2142 server! Oh the joy, the absolute pleasure it was to have more than a few rounds without being team killed (by anyone but Jimmy Wrangles that is). Oh sure, they try to hop on now and then, but they soon learned the futility of trying to cause trouble. It’s handy always having at least one server admin on Team Speak.

There are some limits to this setup however, as BundyBear learned last week in an incident due to be marked in the divisions funny bone for some time. A call over Team Speak for aide as he was constantly team killed was quickly responded to by a server admin. He was calling out the culprits names becoming more and more frustrated with the situation. Frantically the server admin was searching for these trouble makers until he realised, Bundy himself was not in the player list. It was then everyone realised he was not actually on the TOG server at all. The proceeding roar of laughter over TS and the red faced response had not been seen since the famous asset destruction incident of November 07! (Can’t recall the noob who did that one )

It did take some time for word to spread about the TOG server throughout the general community, however you will now find that the TOG server is one of the most popular. It’s clearly defined rules and quick action against those that break them are a welcome change to the majority of people who just want a fun few rounds of FPS goodness. Our admins have also spent a lot of time on choosing the right map rotation to ensure everyone’s preferred playing styles are looked after.

As we near the 1 year mark of our ranked server many thanks must go to those in the division who contribute financially on a monthly basis, and special thanks to Oodin who arranged it all in the first place. To find out more about the TOG 2142 Ranked server, visit our BF2142 forums.

Article by Bearski

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nice write up bearski! bundy...lol..that’s gonna last forever…

I`ve been on the odd server where half my team has been hunting the other half to pay back TK`s. So for myself, not the fastest gun in the west, it`s somewhat of a pleasure to not always have to watch my own back. Brilliant job.

Yeah awesome, it’s why I became a TOG.

I would like to throw a thank you to Maddog who has now taken over the reigns of handling the server!! and those still contributing financially to its increasing success in 2009!

Great play always friendly and fun if you call pasting the other guy fun ya!!!
no really a great sever thanks for all the hard work

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