BF2142 - Rusty Knife War Declared!

Reoh | 28 January 2010 | 3 comments (off)
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Penned by the hand of Carnaldestruct

Yes, it's on again! The 2142 Division's two casual squads (Artreides & Harkonnen) are going head to head in another battle of the Rusty Knife Wars. Geo, the Atreides Squad Leader (SL), has organised another scrimmage to be held on the 4th February.

The previous round was a hard fought conquest match, won by the Atreides back on the 21st of January; with an end result of 9-0. Before that was a Titan War battle held back on the 7th of January, and this was won by the Harkonnen. The last knife battle held was won by Atreides, so the Harkonnen will be out to seek vengeance on this one. Congrats go out to both the Harks & Atreides for their recent wins!!!

Above is the Verdun map that we play out our knife wars on, it's nicely fenced around churchyard. The guidelines we play by are listed below.

-Tier 0 Kit, You wont have the unlock to revive each other.
-First team to get the other team to reach 0 tickets wins the round.
-2 rounds are played in the match.
-Players can still spawn, but should hold off until the Squad Leader is near the church.
-You are allowed to hunt in packs.
-Flags: Western & Eastern Outskirts will be owned by each team. The Church flag can be captured.
-All Knife battles will be held inside the arena (the RED box above). Once entered you cannot leave... unless you're dead!
-No Killing outside the box. We are all grown up here, the SL's decision is final. Please remember that we're here too have fun, there shouldn't be a need to enforce this.
-No weapons (except knives) permitted. If anything else is used, commit suicide; You will also have to answer to the SL for your actions.
-No Commanders.
-No Practice Games are allowed, you will only have the 15 minutes before the round starts to organise your strategies.

These are hard fought battles and Atreides will be out to defend their title, while Harkonnen strive to knife them all down and claim their place on top. The winners get full bragging rights within the division, until the next one anyway. Stay tuned for the results!

3 Comments so far

CARNALDESTRUCT | 08:37 am - 28 January 2010

Looks great thanks Reoh
Your a champ :)

Harkonnen destroyed the Atreides Oppressors with a convincing victory !

CARNALDESTRUCT | 05:29 am - 15 February 2010

YAY we are so good :)
But I think they have it up on us when it comes to titan but we shall see :)

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