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CARNALDESTRUCT | 16 May 2010 | 16 comments (off)

Now that I have your attention!

I thought with all of the changes in ranks within the BF2142 Division & the release of BFBC2, I’d have a chat with the old Division Captain, The Omen.  Our previous DC, Maddog2204 had a stint as a TOG Moderator and is now BC2 DC, so there’s been plenty of changes within the BF2142 division, Congrats Maddog. Welcome to Redgum as the new BF2142 Division Captain, congrats mate.

Carnaldestruct: You’ve been a member of TOG since Dec 06, what brought you to TOG?

Omen: I was playing BF2142 one day all alone and I got an invite to a squad. In the squad there`s was this big deep voiced being called, “=TOG= BattleScoob” who, after squadding with him for 20 or so minutes decides to ask me if I`d care to join TOG.

Well, after never being in any clan/community before I thought, why not. Since joining up I’ve never looked back and love the atmosphere of what TOG is.

CD: Being a high ranking player, both Australia and Worldwide in BF2142, did you get bored with the game or just make the move to BC2 because it’s something new ?

Omen: Something new and exciting. BC2 got my interest back into gaming again.

CD: Will you still try to hold your rankings in BF2142 by coming back for a game now and then?

Omen: At the moment I`ll only be coming back for Squad matches and reunion nights.

CD: Were you surprised that GA has stopped the BF2142 ladder matches, which saw the demise of our terrific Fremen team?

Omen: No, I saw the interest drop out of BF2142 once the latency issue started and BC2 beta was so popular with most of the Ladder teams.

CD: Are you hoping to hold high ranks within BC2 once it’s fully released, and hold your t-bagging/knifing crown ?

Omen: More likely I’ll be in Armour and playing seriously for this game. T-Bagging has already started, much to the horror of the BC2 guys . Stats will just come along eventually

CD: With the release of BC2 you’ve moved on from BF2142 to Bad Company, how are you finding the differences between the 2 games?

Omen: BC2 is just a game that is 3 years newer than BF2142 and with BC2`s destructible environment is just more hiding in buildings and behind walls when I’m in my tank now

CD: Will you be taking on a divisional role in BC2?

Omen: That’s up to the boss man Maddog

CD: Do you still stop by the BF2142 forums and see what’s happening or have you moved on completely ?

Omen: I’m still in the BF2142 forums daily....just not posting a lot anymore.

CD: You and Mrs Omen have just had another baby, Nicolas, are you still finding the time for game play, with 2 young children?

Omen: Still getting quite a bit actually....but I’m also helping her at home by doing all the cooking/cleaning/washing/dishes etc.

CD: Many members of TOG divisions are moving to BFBC2 did you expect the change to be so great within the 2142 division?

Omen:Not really at first, but once the Beta came out and we got to play it then I knew a few people would change over.

CD: Any last words ?

Omen: Just a thanks to Father all those years ago by having a vision for an adult gaming community for everyone to join up and meet new friends. Also, to the whole TOG Team of Admins/Mods/DC`s/SL`s and all the other roles that make it run smoothly. Last but not least, to the 2142 Division for making the game stay enjoyable each and every day for so long, especially on Team Speak every night...great to have a laugh after a days work, while being killed/run-over or being T-Bagged by multiple TOG’s while calling for a medic.

With our division being a very close knit group both in cyberland and real life, it’s terrific to have people like Redgum, Horselancer & all of our Squad Leaders watching over the division and to have the fantastic members that we have, I’m sure most divisions feel this way and it’s really great to be part of the such a wonderful online community that is TOG. It’s always a sad time when people move onto other games and divisions and we’ll surely miss the many that have done the mass exodus to BC2, but we’ll get new members and stay the close division that we are. We’ll still be there when the novelty of the new game wears off. We can only hope that the old division members will stop by occasionally and say hi.

Many thanks to you, Father, for your early innovation, making this terrific online community. Also, to all those behind the scenes making this community the wonderful place it is. 

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good inteview guys.

a great read thanks hippies

Nice one Carm and Omen

Legs Akimbo | 01:15 am - 18 May 2010

Great read.
Good job done by the both of you. :)

CommandeR_SuLLy | 09:15 am - 18 May 2010

He is the Dark side him not, knife him well… :-)

Mecha-Wombat | 01:14 pm - 21 May 2010

Oh Sith lord blessed are we

Carm great job

chookstrangler | 12:30 am - 23 May 2010

What sully said! Miss you guys!

Thx for the interview.  :)

*wipes tear from his eye*
that was lovely
*grabs his sniper rifle*
I feel i must snipe him to show him my love.

Meatgrinder | 08:34 pm - 26 July 2010

Very good interview nice read guys :)

great interview guys :)

Hello Carman
That was a very informative chat. Almost feel like going BC2 ing............but nooooot!
Id just like to take this time to thank Father (whoevaaaaaa??) for the issue of my really neat butter knife. My kit wouldnt be the same without my butter knife and T-bag!

Oh what a feeling..................Great Wall

This has nothing to do with this thread, but what patch are you guys on for Battlefield 2142? :P

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