PAC basic weapons and vehicles

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Pan Asian Coalition Basic weapons and vehicles:

Info- Employed by frontline infantry in a similar capacity as the EU SCAR 11, the Krylov FA-37 fires a comparable caseless armor-piercing round with considerably more recoil due to its lighter weight, hollow graphite stock. The PAC assault rifle is equally effective in winter environments, utilizing a built-in thermal dispenser. Appreciably damaging, but less accurate when fired fully automatic, the Krylov FA-37 is often operated in single-shot mode, precision enhanced via a fixed-position optical sight.

info- Firing a custom-designed, 14mm flechette round, the Park 52 Sniper Rifle provides an equivalent level of force and precision as the EU Morretti SR4 without the cumbersome design factors. Fabricated using the latest metallurgic technologies, the lightweight Park 52 counters accuracy-hampering movement through shock-resistant, plastic steel barrel bedding. A high-magnification scope allows the sniper a long-range visual field, which can be upgraded through the DysTek Hi-Scope X4.

Info- The Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle weapon fires a single optically guided missile with a shaped charge capable of penetrating over two feet of steel plate. The multiple stages of the shaped charge allow the Sudnik to by pass traditional reactive armors without sacrificing the overall effectiveness of the weapon system.

Info- Slightly lighter than the EU Turcotte Rapidand due to its reinforced polymer stock the Malkov RK-11 SMG (Sub Machine Gun) is equally effective in confined environments, using a high firing rate to ensure multiple impact points. Like its EU counterpart, the Malkov RK-11 suffers a great loss of stopping power at long range.

Info- Like its EU counterpart, the Bianchi FA-6, the PAC Shuko K-80 Light Machine Gun provides invaluable support to assault operations through unrelenting suppressive fire. Shooting smaller, nitrocellulose-molded, caseless ammunition, the Shuko K-80 boasts higher clip capacity, resulting in less frequent reloading, albeit at the expensive of per round stopping power. Like the Bianchi FA-6, the Shuko K-80 is more precise when stabilized on its protracted bipod.

All Kits-
Info- The PAC’s primary sidearm, while accurate over short range, it should only be considered a last resort in today’s confrontation.

Info- The weapon of choice for the cunning soldier looking to humiliate his prey. Kills using the knife will yield the fallen soldier’s dog tags as a trophy.

Pan Asian Coalition Vehicles:

Type 4 Doragon-
Info- Appropriately named Doragon, meaning Dragon, the Type 4 Air Mobile Multipurpose Platform (AMP), like it’s EU equivalent, provides unparalleled usability and firepower in any theater. With a range of armaments, an active protective system, and a high-tech, ‘anticipatory’ flight control system, the Doragon is a highly mobile, dynamically potent, multi-situational assault medium. The Type 4 arsenal includes a semi-dumbfire missile cluster, employed exclusively against close-range, heat-trackable targets.

Type 32 Nekomata-
Info- Utilizing state-of-the-art, air-assisted levitation technology, the Type 32 Nekomata hover tank is the very latest in armored combat, boasting unmatched mobility across almost any topography. Similar to the A-8 Tiger, the Nekomata incorporates NxRA technology into its composite armor base and uses an Active Defense System to ward off high impact, airborne weapon attacks. It also matches the A-8attack capabilities with a driver-controlled cannon and second position repeater.

UAZ-8 Ocelot
Info- In 2032, the PAC developed the UAZ-8 Ocelot FAV based on a stolen Bandit prototype, creating an equally dexterous, high-speed, off-road-capable transport medium. Substituting a boron carbide-filled resin aggregate armor system for the Bandit’s ceramic-based matrix, the UAZ-8 Ocelot trades a negligible decrease in protection in exchange for an increase of five miles-an-hour maximum speed. Similar to its FAV contemporary, the UAZ-8 Ocelot also provides short-duration speed boosts through a hypochlorite-based, fuel-oxidization injector.

T-39 Bogatyr-
Info- When the widespread climatic changes severely altered the Earth’s landscape, the PAC military developed an assault vehicle to handle these new diverse conditions by employing a more versatile anthropoid structure. Later duplicated by the EU forces in the form of the L5 Bogatyr, the PAC T1 Battlewalker changed the face of warfare forever. The T39 Bogatyr is the most recent adaptation, shielded with full-coated, high-impact armor and an embedded ADS and supplied with an assortment of attack options, counting radar-guided, high-damage impulse rockets and a pair of heavy-duty auto-cannons.

BTR-4 Romanov-
Info- Almost identical to the X-81 Groundhog, the BTR-4 Romanov provides a highly secure means for infantry to penetrate hotly-contested battle zones. Utilizing a ready-launch assault pod system in some variants, the Romanov is very effective as a Titan assault vehicle, propelling infantry directly into close-range strike positions. The driver’s side is fitted with a gas-actuated, medium caliber automatic, as well as a vehicle-disabling EMP grenade launcher. The gunner mans a medium-range, auto mortar.

BTR-20 Yastreb-
Info- Similar to its EU counterpart, the UD-12 Shepherd, the BTR-20 Yastreb armored air transport is a slow-moving, easily visible target best limited to personnel pick-up and delivery. In contrast to the Shepherd, the PAC Type 20 substitutes Self-Limiting Explosive Reactive Armor (SLERA) for the UD-12’s electrically charged scheme and complements the arrangement with an alternative Triplex synthetic material. Like the EU air transport aerodyne, the Yastreb is also vulnerable to attack with only two personnel-scaled assault weapons at the passengers disposal.

Article compiled by Leevers.
NOTE: Images and Information taken from EA website in order to make it easier for you to view. All images are owned and copyrighted by EA.

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