BC2 Griffins in Finals!!!

Tilce | 13 June 2011 | 17 Comments

As season 4 comes to a close it’s finals time again! TOG griffins have placed 6th going into the top 8 elimination.
Well done to the boys and girl on their hard work!!! First round this Sunday night! Have Fun and Good Luck!

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Nice work guys and gal.

Well done all, boot some arse.

Good luck people.Show them how toggers role

oops i meant roll.

congratulations!, should really get in on that. Good luck.

Dr. FeelgoodOz | 08:09 pm - 17 June 2011

Outstanding job guys! You’ve worked hard for this so take every opportunity to attack and represent TOG with distinction.

Give’em hell boys.

Well done gents:)

ReaperSmurf | 12:42 pm - 23 June 2011

Griffins first round finals match is on Sunday June 26th against #3 Carnage.
This is an elimination final.

Good luck!

Best of luck guys
Well done

Go on lads......Oh and ladies if present.....
Good luck

Great work guys, will enjoying you scalping non toggers for a while, :)
may the force be with you.

Word up home boys!

Good Work Boys, Proud to be TOG!

Great work guys!

Way cool. Good job guys!

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