BC2 January Noob Award

Tilce | 11 February 2011 | 0 Comments

Noob Award Winner for January!

Congratulations to Maddog2204 for his efforts in getting the Noob Award for January!
Here’s the story!
Maddog2204 is always very helpful…
Setting the scene:
Server 3 (the HC mixed mode one) was getting stuck on Operation Hastings.

To the rescue:
Maddog2204 graciously helped the group move it along approximately 1hr before “the main event”.

Penates was the only TOG player on the server at about 2300 when the server was one again stuck on Operation Hasting. He poked Maddog in TS to let him know of the situation.

Very helpful:
Maddog dragged himself away from playing to help the situation…

Chat between Maddog and Penates went something like this…

Maddog: There that should be loading a new map.
Penates: Nope we are still playing Hastings.
Maddog: What? You’re on server 4 right?
Penates: Nope, server 3 mixed mode
Maddog: Dammit, just forced new map on server 4… Oh well.

So instead of forcing the new map for the stuck server 3, the poor unsuspecting players on server 4 got a new map.

Congrats to our Division Captain for his first noob award! Your Avatar will be in the mail soon.
Ricky Sparks

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