BC2 Player Interview #20

Tilce | 24 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Member Interview #20

Inglorious Nub

*A little about yourself:*

Originally from USA, New York. Moved to Sydney 10yrs ago with software company, fell in love with a beautiful Sydney women, who is now my wife. Consider myself very lucky to live in Australia, have a beautiful family, easy job, and laid-back life-style. Never much cared for the States (guns, religion, capitalism), travelled much of the world, and apart from very high prices, Australia truly is the “lucky country”. Like most TOG, enjoy online gaming as much as possible.

*Age*? 39

*Family? Sons/Daughters?* Wife and one little girl - Sage, 9 months.

*Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?* Day Job, but 4 days a week, 2 days from home. SQL Database Manager for: Royal Flying Doctors Service and Habitat for Humanity. Have worked for several major charities as IT/SQL head - UNICEF, MSF, OIA, Cancer Council, etc..... 9/10 employees at charities are women....a nice thing. Might not make as much as working at the Mines or Big 4 Banks - but the environment is friendly and nice.

*Favourite pastime outside of gaming?* Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Keeping a 500 liter Salt-Water Marine tank, international travel, drinking good beer. (Chimay Blue)

*Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?*

1- Hitler
2- G.W. Bush
3- My wife

**I would poison the scotch (wife does not drink scotch). After the two evil bastards die, would enjoy a nice dinner with wife, kicking the corpses, each time I got my next cold Chimay from fridge.

*If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?*

Immortality. Many people say Immortality would be “boring”. I actually do not mind being bored, I could always game, and would be around for BF1001.

*Gaming Highlights/Lowlights*:

highlights: Joining TOG. Was with two other clans, but joining TOG community has made gaming a social and meeting place. Honestly, gaming is good, but the experience of gaming with TOG is so much more than just gaming.
lowlights: Nothing really. Enjoy it all. If I lose, get pwned, etc..... all good. Actually, really dislike hacks and cheaters. After all it is a game, to have fun...hacks and cheats really take the fun away from the experience.

*How long have you been a TOG?*
1yr. Have no idea how I made Griffen squad (dumb luck or groovy name?) - but very much enjoy being with a top squad and top players. Have learned so much and enjoyed every moment of it.

*Other games you play apart from BC2?*
Nope. I am a Battlefield Series hard-core geek. Started with Half-Life 2, really liked the single player creativity...great imagination. Tried counter-strike as first online shooter...ok - But when BF2 was released, major addiction. (40+ hours a week, over 4,000+ hours in all!!) Since BF2, tried just about all online FPS, heaps of money, high hopes, but always went back to BF2, until BC2.

*How long have you been playing BC2?*
Since the day the demo was released.

*Favourite kit?*
Medic (After all, I work for Royal Flying Doctors)

*Favourite Weapon?*

*Funniest BC2 Moment?*
So many. What I love about BF2 and BC2, it is a true “Battlefield Dome”. So many players, weapons, vehicles, and open space. Almost every time I play, a “battlefield moment” happens...just very random, odd, crazy, dynamic stuff. Almost all other FPS are linear or small maps or no vehicle...that does not allow for the madness of battlefield. Mostly, love watching the physics of dead bodies, right after kill.

*Hardest Opponent?*

Regulator… just too good.

*Easiest Opponent?*
Pub servers.

*Dumbest BC2 moment?*
Squadie spawned on me (scared the shit out of me)..I killed him. He spawned on me again (10 seconds later, scared the shit out me again), killed him again. He was so pissed-off, thought I did it on purpose. I was pissed drunk…

*Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?*
Dice did a great job with this. I think the short demo’s of BF3 have all the improvement I would ask for. Everyone seems to have a comment about how to improve this game, but given all other FPS on the marked, they kick-arse. Yeh, some things could be “adjusted”, but all in all- they did one hell of a good job. 

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