BC2 Player Interview #22

Tilce | 8 April 2011 | 9 Comments

Member Interview #22


A little about yourself:

Ok to start off with its GPL with 33ster on the end not Leester or bloody GLEEP LOL. Work for a Computer Outsourcing Company at a Data Centre in Melbourne. Enjoy playing online games which I can take all my frustration out of from a hard day’s work.



Family? Sons/Daughters?

Not Married, No Kids

Day Job? Night Job? What do you do?

Part of a Facilities team that looks after a Computer Data Centre.

Favourite pastime outside of gaming?

AFL – Kangaroos Supporter, Movies.

Your having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or Dead) to invite, Who are they and why?

1- Clint Eastwood – really enjoy his old western movies like The Good, The Bad and the Buttersoft I mean The Ugly. I would love to talk to him about them and his career.
2- Neil Armstrong – His experiences and thoughts of his career as a test pilot to become an astronaut.
3- Jessica Biel – Just because i can.

If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?

My left foot back. I am a diabetic and in July 2009 my left foot had a blister on it from wearing new shoes. The blister became infected spread so quickly that it infected the bone of my big toe and the toe next to it that I had to have them removed with some of the foot as well. Seeing the podiatrist for the first time when I came out of hospital told me straight away that I would have complications with the remain three toes as they were not made to support the whole weight of the body. And of course she was right, six months later dislocated my 3rd toe and formed a callous under the remaining toes. May 2010 off they came, I am now in a custom made fibre glass boot that goes right up to my knee which is like having a cast on my foot and leg. I have to wear it all the time except in the shower and when I go to bed. A bit of an experience never been in hospital before, the first operation I was given general anaesthetic which knocked me out and the 2nd time around I was awake for the removal of the remaining toes.

Gaming Highlights/Lowlights:

Lowlights would have to be when I first started playing on the TOG servers I was getting slaughter/Owned. Could not kill anybody, found it very frustrating and had a KDR of around .80 with all my kits around the same KDR. Highlights would be watching and learning from the great players in TOG and ok the griffin noobs as well lol. Really helped to improve my skills what little I have and make playing BFBC2 enjoyable to play. I now have a KDR of 1.11 with all my kits above 1.0 which I very pleased with. The only thing I am having trouble with is being a Squad member, when I am in a squad and follow the squad around I don’t do to well but when I go off and do my own thing I do alright. I can’t explain why that is.

How long have you been a TOG?

God can’t remember when I became a full member, I think it was last year sometime.

Other games you play apart from BC2?

Haven’t been really playing anything else except BF2142.

How long have you been playing BC2?

Since the retail version came out

Favourite kit?


Favourite Weapon?

UMP/ MG36 and the good old Knife

Funniest BC2 Moment?

Well I thought It was funny, had just killed Reapersmurf with my MG36 and crouching next to him was Buttersoft (ican’tbelieveit’snotbutter) which I knifed and I thought the rule of the server was to always teabag a griffin squad member after you knife them so I did. Now that is not the funny part, what happened next was I got killed via an admin command with a message saying something like “Stop Teabagging Butters” and that just made me LOL.

Hardest Opponent?

Would have to be Cartech01 very good opponent to go up against, very skilful player.

Easiest Opponent?

I’m sorry I going to say All the other Griffin Squad members, as you can see I am a bit of a smartass and this going to come back and bite me.

Dumbest BC2 moment?

What never, ok well the old trick of repairing the tank with a RPG, not sure why that wouldn’t work?

Game improvements, what would you like to see improved?

Would like to have the knife as a separate weapon so can always carry it like in BF2142.

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I feel hungry :D

I think i was having a bad night :(

Yes, looking back on it, it was funny :)

I feel like i’m the reason you went from 0.8 to 1.11. It seems i can’t join the conquest server without you being on the other team and killing me 50 time’s

LOL , my KDR is .75 , lucky I dont get all worked up about or I would have stopped playing ages ago :)

BTW I remember the T-bagging incident , Reaper and Butters didnt see the funny side of it . All thou just quietly I was laughing with you GPL :D

Tell you the truth Typhon and HanmaT i had a look at Cartech01 stats to see what his favourite weapons are and just starting using them with my configuration which helped me alot during game. But have to tell you it is getting harder these days you guys are getting pretty good must be the squad training you guys do. HanmaT it was the first time i found out that i was getting under someones skin and what better guys to do that too than the griffins Butters and Reaper. Not disrespecting the griffins in anyway really admire the work they do in the ladder comps, i don’t think i would have the discipline to do that and i don’t think it hurts to have some inhouse bantering. If i have stepped over the line just let me know.


Hey GPL , I guess not being in channel you dont here the “Bloody Gleepster again ...” If I had a dollar for everytime I hear it !!
Im not too sure why some get funny with the T-bagging , because they are quite happy to recieve or give amongst alot of them . I guess coz you kill them alot its even more upsetting LOL .
But im pretty sure Butters and Reaps are all good with it and can see the funny side ...some time later :) And bantering is one of the primary uses of Serv2 TS . Should get on there from time to time and say hello , I think it will help break the ice with everyone :D

=ProtoType= | 07:21 am - 18 April 2011

Lolz GPL - keep stirring us up mate - we know it’s all in fun:)

All Griffins are gunning for you hard now by the way:) Enjoy that lolz:)

That’s good to hear, makes the game alot more interesting lol and i have been alot more careful when you guys are on. Also I have been sharpening my knife lately so look out.

Cartech-01 39
Jubby 36
Tilce 23
Pakrat 20
Axiom Machina 18
Regulater 16
Inglorious Nub 16
IT-Hurts 14
=Prototype= 12
Mister.E 12
Reapersmurf 5

=ProtoType= | 10:38 am - 22 April 2011

hahaha - great work mate!!!

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