Survivor 2 Knifing of the Fittest Close

Tilce | 17 August 2010 | 1 Comment

A Stabbing Success.
The second series of Survivor “knifing of the fittest” has been a great success!
With a total of 38 competitors, this series always brings a lot of fun, swearing and the ever controversial T-bagging to an all new BC2 high. Here’s a quick run down on the rules.

- Be a regular player
- Stab your friends
- Put on your S=TOG tags
- Get a screenshot of their most precious possession, their DOGTAGS !!
- Lie, deceive and tell everyone your buddies hiding spots
- Watch your own back.

The competition opened on the 29th of July at 9pm.
First off the rank this round was oAt1o at 9:25 followed very closely by C4 at 9:33 and the ever illustrious tags of the great 0men dropped from the neck, as 3rd off the rank, at 10:16pm. The tags dropped heavily from then on down.

On my first draft of writing this on the 6th of August there were still 5 very anxious and bleary eyed soldiers huddled out in their various hovels, with backs to the walls gun in one hand, knife in the other.

Finally, the fittest and champion of series two is Geng! Well done mate, congratulations on a momentous effort!

Thanks again to Omen to organising the event!
Here’s a run down of the stabbings.

1. The_0men - Killed by Kustom
2. Nieschekablit - Killed by Koopz
3. Hank Scorpion - Killed by Icarus17
4. Bolter01 - Killed by Daserialkilla
5. Crom - Killed by Kustom
6. Kustomrod - Killed by Gumbo
7. C4.AU - Killed by Koopz
8. Hippy222 -Committed Suicide
9. DoKsTa - Killed by F1NMAN
10. Wooluf - Killed by Newfulla
11. Newfulla- Killed by Geng
12. F1NMAN -Committed Suicide
13. GumBo - Killed by Daserialkilla
14. Greybear - Killed by Hank Scorpion
15. SuMiToReS- Killed by Hank Scorpion
16. Geng
17. LeeMako
18. E5Ky -Committed Suicide
19. Wasca - Killed by Icarus17
20. Daddykool -Committed Suicide
21. Bigfatdanny_au - Killed by Daserialkilla
22. koopz - Killed by reFUSED
23. Nudge -Committed Suicide
24. reFUSED - Killed by Rawprawn
25. Veteran - Killed by Icarus
26. ChkChkBoom - Committed Suicide
27. Vulcan21 - Killed by Daserialkilla
28. Whitebuffalo (ie : Seraphim) - Killed by Wooluf
29. Mafia Snitch - Killed by Kustom
30. Hotlips - Killed by Crom
31. ChrisC -Committed Suicide
32. xxHandymanxx - Killed by Koopz
33. daserialkilla - Killed by Newfulla
34. Rawprawn - Committed Suicide
35. Jazz - Killed by Wasca
36. heyheyheya - Killed by Hank Scorpion
37. oAt1o - Killed by Omen
38. Icarus17 - Killed by Newfulla

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Wooooot!! Thanks to all especially NEWFULLA as my only actual kill!

I’d like to thank my mum and dad, SJ and the guys from COD4, Maddog, Grim and all the guys that made this possible

I love youse all!

Bhahah - next!


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