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Call of Duty 4 TOG Division

TOG got it’s first Call of Duty division in 2005 when COD2 was released. Fast forward two years and in October 2007, before the game was even released, Call of Duty 4 Division forum was created to gauge interest in the game. One month later, COD4 became an official TOG division.

Today, the TOG COD4 Division numbers 70 active players across six squads. Most of our players are based in Australia and New Zealand, with the exception of Mars Squad which is made up of members from North America and Europe.

We try to cater for everyone and all tastes. Sparta Squad is for newcomers and social players not interested in competitive play. On the other hand, if competitive COD4 is your more to your liking, Wotan, Hades and Artemis is where it’s at for the Game Arena Ladder. And last but not least, Zeus is where the ProMod members hang out… battling it out on the CyberGames Ladder.

In order to hone our skills and play in an adult environment, we have three COD4 servers for the AUS/NZ squads and one server for Mars squad. Our Charlie server is purely for squad practice and scrimming other clans. Alpha is set to PAM4 and Bravo runs fun mods as voted by division members.

Server upkeep costs are payed for by division members, are strictly voluntary and greatly appreciated.

While it may seem like we’re all a bunch of competitive grown up kids, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We run regular Friday night follies on Bravo with different mods and game-types. Although you won’t see much being said in-game, all the action takes place in our TeamSpeak server. On a Friday night, after a couple of beers, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked into a Japanese Karaoke bar!

Although our reflexes might be slower and our taste in music different, we enjoy a good game as much as the next gamer. This being said, our families, and real life take precedence over everything else. We’re a close-knit group and always look out for each other. In the recent bush fires in Victoria, one of our own lost his home and belongings. The out-pouring of support from TOG members, and especially the COD4 Division, was tremendous- both in material and monetary support.

If you think the TOG COD4 Division sounds like the place for you and are already a TOG member please contact us here. If you are yet to join TOG and wish to become a member, jump to the Barracks forum and apply. 

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