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And when he gets to Heaven
To St. Peter he will tell:
‘One more Marine reporting, Sir — I’ve served my time in Hell.’
Sgt. James A. Donahue -First Marine Division

War. War never changes. While the weapons and tactics may differ, it’s still about chaos and fear and the overwhelming of the senses as adrenaline surges through your veins.

World at War returns the Call of Duty franchise to World War II, but this time focuses on some of the lesser know theatres. In the gritty Pacific Theatre, for example, you will encounter Japanese soldiers erupting from spider holes to ambush you and your squad, or rushing at you en mass through swamp and thick jungle with bayonets gleaming. Meanwhile, on the savage Eastern Front, you will be forced to question your sense of mercy and honour, by gunning down unarmed enemy soldiers, or even executing prisoners.

The TOG: Call Of Duty:World at War Division, is headed up by Revengerer as our Division Captain. Rev has built the fledging division up from just a few dedicated players into the strong community we enjoy today, with initiatives like the Player Awards and the formation of Jadorians. Rev and I (as the Division’s Vice DC) work together for the advancement of our Division and TOG, making sure that it’s a fantastic place for like-minded people to gather.

Another section of COD:WaW, is Vendetta. Vendetta’s, or V as it’s affectionately known, is a place that’s very close to my heart, as it’s here that I first became a TOG Squad Officer. V is led by Brit these days, and is our competition team on the Cyber Gamers Ladder. Under Brit’s leadership, V has diversified from playing on only the Search and Destroy Ladder to the Capture The Flag Ladder as well. With regular games in both modes at least twice a week, ‘V’ is alive and well, and we’ve gone from being ranked in the high sixties to the mid twenties in the space of a few months. Although we’ve yet to win a CTF match, success is just a spray and pray away!

This now brings me to Jadorians. A unique and very popular part of COD:WaW is Zombie Co-Op, where small teams of players battle for survival in the face of unending zombie hordes. With three maps (and a fourth coming with the 1.5 patch), Zombie is a fun shootout with fancy weapons galore (like a ray gun – great for Zombie head splatting!). Jadorians is run by Grimmberror, with sp0ck as his offsider, and is for players with a more casual focus. We have matches two or three times a week and the outcome is decided by the maximum points accrued by each team! You can read more about Jadorians in our previous feature.

That about sums up the TOG Call Of Duty: World at War Division. If you ever want to come over and say hello to some down to earth and dedicated gamers, come on over to our little Division and splat some zombies heads! The more the merrier!

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