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Ulric | 27 August 2009 | 2 Comments

Jador was once Chaenth’s assistant, guiding the Souls of the Dead along the Paths to their proper Afterlife. But, with the sundering of those Paths by the Great Cataclysm, and the resulting creation of Undead, it was deemed necessary that he put forth his influence into the mortal world. Chaenth entrusted Jador with the task of hunting down Undead, so that these trapped and tortured souls could be released from the mortal world and be put back onto the Paths to move on to their proper Afterlife.

The bond between Jador and Chaenth is strong, as it is between the followers of these gods. Clerics of Jador have special rituals to ensure that the souls of the deceased will safely find their way along the Paths, never to rise as Undead. All followers of Jador do everything they can to destroy Undead. If it’s beyond their personal or collective power to do so, they will gather any allies they can (such as followers of Tanusto)together to annihilate their foe. Jadorians were the principle founders of Twilight Pass, and it is many a Jadorians’ goal to go there to battle the Undead hordes of the Darklands.

The Jadorians Call of Duty: World at War (CODWaW) Squad was formed by Division Captain Revengerer and Squad Captain Grimberror to cater to players who found that the multiplayer side of the game wasn’t necessarily for them. The Squad has only been active in the Division for a little over four months, dabbling in both co-op and zombie play, but has met with considerable success and interest in that time.

Co-op is an interesting mix of fun and teamwork, where you play through the single-player campaign with a few of your friends and some (occasionally) helpful AI players. All but one of the missions are playable by up to four people at a time, plus AI helpers. Each mission also has a number of collectable ‘Death Cards’ hidden in them. Death Cards can be used in any co-op game, and making your game easier or harder. However, regardless of your difficultly setting, you should always remember rule number one: never underestimate the enemy AI.

Zombies is another excellent game type that can be enjoyed by everyone. The aim is simple: stay alive and kill as many zombies you can. Even more so than co-op play, you’ll need to work as a team and watch over each other if you hope to survive. In fact, in order to advance at the end of the round, there must be at least one player left alive. Don’t worry if you fall, though: even if your teammates can’t revive you during the round, you’ll get to come back at the end, ready to face the zombie hordes once more.

Maps for both modes are easy to come by and you don’t need to put your hand in your pocket to keep playing: both co-op and zombie are hosted game types. The downside of hosting is that only four players can be in-game at one time - but, boy oh boy, it certainly doesn’t stop you from having a blast! If you’ve just bought the game you will need both new patches 1.4 and 1.5; both have new maps that are great to play on.

The Jadorians Squad style of play can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your experience. Come on over to Jadorians - The Older Gamers Forums to say hi - we’re always looking for more folks who are interested in killing a few zombies. 

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Good read Grim....

I have got WAW , but i refuse to play it if your running around with a bloody shoty and your knowledge of the game..lol well done

salvationjane777 | 01:01 am - 28 August 2009

nice one grim...COD5 is certainly a visually stunning game to play...and fun to play with Toggers…

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