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RogueSlayer | 2 October 2008 | 0 Comments

You know, I have been a fairly regular reader (not a poster but a reader) of Eating Bees for the past year or maybe a bit more.  I have known of the blogger longer, have heard a few of her GDC/AGDC (one or the other or maybe both I really do not remember right now) panel appearances and had always thought of the blogger as someone who is stuck up, full of themselves and thinks that their way is the only right way to do things.

All that said, throughout everything, there almost always were little gems of insight hidden like Easter Eggs.  It in many ways is a love hate relationship that I have with this person.  Although it is a one way thing as I have not let them know my feeling toward them.  There were many times I wanted to, but for some reason I held back, most of the time.

There was the See, Wheels Are Round blog post that I felt abliged to reply too.  While I do not think they were entirely wrong with their view, I think it was a bit to narrow of a view.  But hey, the blogger does have a bit more practicle/firsthand experience then I do.

What they were blogging about is the state of MMORPG game development today.  The following two exerpts should paint the picture for you.

I also can’t get over how everyone pretends that the development of an MMO is a mysterious process akin to alchemy, with a side order of virgin sacrifice. And I don’t want to hear about how sometimes shit happens, or that the creative process cannot be regulated. My ASS.

I never said she did not have a flair for painting pictures with words.

My reply to her post is as follows.

Sorry Sanya, but while wheels may indeed be round that does not mean that people (developers) should stop trying to improve on the mode of transportation. This includes all the trip ups, stumbles and failures along the way. One day, an MMO may graduate from the use of wheels, to a plane

Then a second reply to another person who tried to explain what Sanya was saying.  It did not work.

As for doing it the stupid way over and over, that is true to a limited extent. It takes those little baby steps though to grow. Even though the MMORPG genre (in its modern state) has been around 10 or so years, it still in many ways is the new kid on the block and developers and players are both in someway still trying to test the waters. At some point in the future, a developer will be able to place all these baby steps we have seen in recent memory into a single game with even better improvements and have something that truly is new. Yet, based on all the trials and errors of today. As to using current tech please see my reply to the Julie Whitefeather post here.”.


The blogger I am referring to is Sanya Weathers.  A Director of Community for Mythic and EA Mythic.  She worked there for a span of six years.  Then until very recently she held the same position with GamerDNA.  Prior to that she had been a journalist and is again today for the new Massive Gamer magazine.  So, she does have just a tad more industry experience than me at the moment, but still, I manage to find fault with her.  Go figure.

But those little gems pop up from time to time.  It is like a car wreck I guess.  When driving by, you slow down and look.  Every now and then though, you get to see a survivor emerge from the wreckage.  You can’t have one without the other I guess and there in lies my love/hate dilemma.

Then back in August of this year came the The Jellybeans Community Project.  Oh my.  While I agree to a large degree with her main message, at the very end she asks for people to send her names and other information so that she can compile a list of industry folk to see how true her message actually holds.  While she was never going to release the names that went with the information, all I could think to myself was “Boy, you really do not want a studio job again do you?”. 

Just eight days later came the /LFG post.  Yes, she was looking for work.  All I could do was shake may head and say good luck with that “Jellybeans".

Then a month later we were treated to What I Did For Love.  It is at this point that my life flipped upside down, while my brain did cartwheels.

All of those little gems that I kept going back for were together in a single post.  And you know what?  There was not a single car wreck to be seen.  Sanya, for the first time (in my opinion) was fully spot on.  I finally saw that she embraced the love of community in the very same way that I do.  She was not fronting at all.  You could read the feeling and honesty in this post.  There was no talk of sacrifical virgins or giving us other helpful information such as Five Things You Can Do To F*&K Up Your Community (of which I think she is spot on with).

It was just a genuine outpouring of why she does what she does.  While I had and may in the future still find fault with some things she says, at this point I am a total convert.  I am no longer reading Eating Bees or listening to her commentery in hopes of seeing a car wreck with a possible gem drop, I am doing these things now as I have new and genuine respect for the woman.

Keep eating bees Sanya, and I hope the new “rag” wotks out for you.  Now excuse me while I start  eating crow.

Thanks to everyone who is reading my new blog here at The Older Gamers.  I will be back shortley with a proper intro post to help explain the blogs direction.


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