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Thread: What are people doing, what are you playing

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    I'm usually not a huge console fan and do most of my gaming on a PC but I recently got a PS4 for the kids and decided to grab myself a game too.

    So I got Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusive) and I really REALLY love it. A good mix of action, story and light RPG elements, all done very with great visuals. Rediscovered the charm of gaming from a comfy couch in front of a huge screen.

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    Yes! This! Exactly the same. My PC was in my office with no air-con, and after sweating to death playing The Division, I decided that I'd buy a PS4. Couch, HZD, TV, aircon...its glorious.
    Picked up Bloodborne/Mafia 3/Dishonoured 2/The Last Of Us but haven't been able to devote any time to them...HZD is just too good
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    What are people doing, what are you playing

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    Horizon Zero Dawn has been great. Enjoying it. A definite purchase for the PS4.

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