Console Division Overview

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The Console Division

The console division like many others here in TOG has grown over the years. We started off in the basement of TOG & with a few changes ended up with what we have today, a full TOG division in the public section of TOG.

We are across all platforms including but not exclusive to the PS3, XBOX, and wii. Our main on-line contingencies are the PS3 (PSN) and the XBOX (XBL), but as the consoles roots are from a single player background we are still committed to this style of games.

Our members are spread far and wide which makes it easy to catch up on XBL or PSN day or night.
We have friend’s lists in the console consortium that’s only available to TOG members and keeps your codes safe from non-toggers.

With the dynamics of consoles and console games, we are continually trying to stay ahead. Although with some of the download content available we are also revisiting some classic games.

Our Hardware and Games forums are always there to help with where the bargains are or to review the games

We hold regular competitions on all platforms and have our own competition forum for this. As we are in the public section, some of our competitions are open to all. Most of the comps are on the PS3 or the XBOX, but are always looking for additional ways to find that competitive edge.

Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer we think we cover most aspects of the console market. If you wish to learn more about our division please take a look at our start thread

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