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Thread: Looking for gamers aged 50 and up!

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    Default Looking for gamers aged 50 and up!


    My nameis Matt Sayer, and I'm a games journalist writing an article on older gamers,aged 50 and up. I'd love to chat with some of you fine folks about yourexperiences here at TOG, as well as your approach to gaming ingeneral. If you're around 50 or older and you can spare some time for a fewquestions over email or Skype, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just leave a commenthere or send me a direct message and we can discuss a time and method forchatting that best suits you.

    Thanksfor your time, TOGers!

    - Matt

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    Hello Matt,

    please contact admin for for permission prior to posting these type of requests.

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    Hi Matt, thanks for dropping by. TOG does support research and articles by members. Please check your messages for my PM.
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