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Chris Roberts Recognises the Star Citizens of TOG

Posted by Wenceslaus | 26 October 2013

The rising interest in Star Citizen in TOG has gained the attention and thanks form Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner

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Warthunder heard throughout TOG

Posted by Opti | 16 July 2013

The sounds of Warthunder is being heard throughout TOG

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Dota 2 Release

Posted by Primexes | 12 July 2013

DOTA2 Released.

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Planetside 2 Release 20-Nov-2012 PST

Posted by Shrubbo | 18 November 2012

The long awaited and critically acclaimed PlanetSide 2 will be released on 20-Nov-2012 PST

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Guild Wars 2 Launch Date: 28th August

Posted by inoshiro | 28 June 2012

Guild Wars 2 will officially launch on Tuesday, August 28th

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Source Wars End in an Epic Battle!

Posted by Ulric | 17 June 2012

Ever watch the movie Rocky? Who hasn’t, right? We had a battle for the ages last Sunday night to determine this year’s Source Wars champion. It was a good one. Just like the movie!

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Review: Ducky DK 9008 Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry Red switches)

Posted by inoshiro | 15 April 2012 |

The Ducky DK 9008 is a mechanical keyboard designed with the Cherry (Mx) Red switches for lower actuation forces and smoother/softer keystrokes.

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The MechWarrior division wants you

Posted by Ulric | 6 April 2012

Mechwarrior pilots new and old call to arms

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TOG Source Wars IV

Posted by Ulric | 28 March 2012

Tom and Jerry Meets The Terrorists Meets Inglorious Basterds... Must be Source Wars IV

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TERA Online

Posted by inoshiro | 19 February 2012

New MMO to be released May 1st 2012

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Watch This New Final Fantasy XV Combat Gameplay Footage

21 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421423/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>The Final Fantasy XV trailer that came ...

Oculus Unveils New Crescent Bay Rift Model With Integrated Audio, 360 Tracking

21 September 2014 |Oculus VR has unveiled a new model of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, Crescent Bay, which includes integrated audio and 360 motion tracking.The company revealed the new device at its Oculus Connect developer conference in ...

Xbox One Delays Its Launch in China

21 September 2014 |Xbox One was going to launch in China next week, September 23, but Microsoft today announced that it had delayed the launch to an unspecified date later this year."Despite strong and steady progress, we are going to need a bit more ...

Metal Gear Solid V Introduces Snake’s One-Eyed Wolf Buddy

21 September 2014 |<iframe ...

Microsoft Buys Minecraft, And the Rest of the Week’s Top Stories

20 September 2014 |Welcome to GameSpot's weekly news roundup where we'll feature the week's top stories, and some offbeat ones you might have missed. Below you'll find a quick-hit roundup of some stories, with links you can click on for further ...

Final Fantasy 15 Demo Timing “Has Not Been Confirmed” Says Square Enix

20 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421404/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>Just in case you had any doubts, the ...

PSN Flash Sale Discounts Need for Speed, Burnout, MotorStorm, and More

20 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6400346/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>Sony has kicked off a PlayStation Network ...

New NBA 2K15 Video Gets Really Awkward Explaining 2KTV Feature

20 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421413/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>I'm a big Kevin Durant fan. I think he's ...

Violent Video Games Don’t Lead to Increases In Violent Crimes, Study Finds

20 September 2014 |The effect violent video games have on real-world behavior has long been a hotly debated topic. Some argue there is assuredly a link between playing violent video games and increased levels of aggressive behavior, while others ...

New Xbox One Game Launches With 25% Discount for Xbox Live Gold Members

20 September 2014 |<iframe ...

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Review: Bending Genres in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

22 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

Review: Shambling Mirror of Fate Signals Time to Jam a Stake in Castlevania’s Heart

8 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate brings the series back to Nintendo's portable systems, ...

An Unflattering Boll Cut

7 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Gears of War: Judgment

6 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> As the next generation of home consoles slowly emerge into the limelight and enter the ...

The Cinematic Nature of Parasite Eve

1 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

A Plea for the Gaming Industry to Respect Gamers

1 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Although the economy might not be in the thick of a recession as it once was, that doesn't mean things ...

Moving Forward and Looking to Indies, Not Better Graphics

28 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Excited as I was to finally see a next-generation console, much of the PlayStation 4 software we saw ...

Urban Trial Freestyle Review: Where Flash Trumps Substance

27 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> There is no getting around the similarities between Urban Trial Freestyle and the Trials series. The ...

The Orwellian Superheroes of Watch Dogs and inFamous: Second Son

23 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or ...

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Oculus announces new Crescent Bay headset, Unity 5 partnership, and research arm

21 September 2014 |"As big a leap as from DK1 to DK2" says CEO Brendan Iribe. The new headset has 360 tracking, integrated audio. It also announced its store solution and Unity 5 platform integration. ...

Oculus freely distributes DK1 headset schematics, firmware

20 September 2014 |Today at its Oculus Connect event in Hollywood, the company announced it's made the DK1 available to everyone -- so you can make your own. ...

Blog: Why the Creative Europe program won’t improve video games

20 September 2014 |"I'm still not sure about how the program is currently designed, and I would like to reflect for a bit about what I think could have been done better and why." ...

Video Game History Museum finds permanent home in Texas

20 September 2014 |With $1 million in funding in pocket, the VGHM moves to Dallas-area city Frisco, Texas as the permanent home of the collection, which has only been exhibited in part and on a traveling basis. ...

Kickstarter updates terms: ‘The creator must complete the project’

20 September 2014 |The popular crowdfunding site has added some serious new stipulations to its terms of service -- which are designed to ensure backers get what they back. ...

Video: Jon Blow on building a new programming language for games

20 September 2014 |The designer of Braid and The Witness has published a talk outlining his thoughts on how we might go about building a new programming language specifically for game development. ...

Video: Perfectly pitching your game in three sentences or less

20 September 2014 |Speaking at GDC Europe 2014 earlier this year, Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail shared some useful advice on how developers can perfect the art of pitching their game. ...

F2P game maker Motiga snaps up ex-CCP marketing lead David Reid

20 September 2014 |Motiga has brought on game industry veteran David Reid to serve as its senior vice president of publishing as it ramps up production on its debut offering, the free-to-play multiplayer PC action game Gigantic. ...

Get a job: Runic Games is hiring a Visual Effects Artist

20 September 2014 |The Seattle-based studio responsible for the Torchlight series is looking to bring on an experienced artist interested in designing and optimizing the production of real-time visual effects. ...

Procedural generation: By molecule or mythology

20 September 2014 |"This post will help you choose the best 'zoom level' for your game. It's part post-mortem, part raw idealism, and entirely intended to be just one way to think about design within a procedurally generated system." ...

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Oculus VR reveals new prototype Crescent Bay

21 September 2014 |New hardware on show at Oculus Connect

Billy Berghammer joins Nintendo’s Treehouse

20 September 2014 |Former games journalist will serve as a product development analyst at Nintendo of America

Sony internet TV service to launch this year

20 September 2014 |SCE has Viacom lined up, in talks with more content partners to stream channels online

Objective: Impossible?

20 September 2014 |An objective approach to games journalism is a noble goal, but black-and-white reporting still has a lot of gray area

Fiksu sees mobile CPI increasing

19 September 2014 |Incentivised installations still important for Apple platforms

A Journey to the East: From Dundee to Tokyo

19 September 2014 |How BearTrap games took Sky Patrol to TGS

Mind Candy axes 30 staff - report

19 September 2014 |Headcount has halved in the last two years

Harmonix pulls support for Rock Band Network

19 September 2014 |User content platform sunsetted as studio moves forward with other projects

Swrve raises $10 million funding

19 September 2014 |Analytics firm takes lifetime total to $22 million

Square Enix sets up cloud subsidiary

19 September 2014 |Shinra Technologies has Yoichi Wada at the helm, promises a new future for gaming

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Watch Super Podcast Action Committee Tonight at 6p PST!

20 September 2014 |

Frisco, Texas: The New Permanent Home of the Videogame History Museum

20 September 2014 | The city of Frisco, Texas plans to invest $1 million to bring the Videogame History Museum to town. Founded as a non-profit in 2009 by John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe ...

Frisco, Texas: The New Permanent Home of the Videogame History Museum

20 September 2014 | The city of Frisco, Texas plans to invest $1 million to bring the Videogame History Museum to town. Founded as a non-profit in 2009 by John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe ...

ESL to Host BlizzCon 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend

20 September 2014 | Professional eSports league ESL announced that it will host the BlizzCon 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend at its studios in Burbank, California. ESL will be ...

ESL to Host BlizzCon 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend

20 September 2014 | Professional eSports league ESL announced that it will host the BlizzCon 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend at its studios in Burbank, California. ESL will be ...

Report: ‘Destiny’ Drives PS4 Sales in the UK

20 September 2014 | Apparently Destiny's release in the UK helped increase sales of Sony's PS4 console in the region dramatically. PS4 sales rose by a phenomenal 300 percent ...

‘Angry Birds Epic’ In-Game Purchase Supports Room to Read Charity

20 September 2014 | Rovio has teamed up with Room to Read, a non-profit literacy advocacy group whose goal is to promote reading and gender equality in Asia and Africa. For the next two weeks ...

‘Alice v. CLS’ Supreme Court Ruling Strikes Again

20 September 2014 | Another day, another patent case tossed out on its ear thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on Alice v. CLS. This time out it's Lumen View Technology, who had its case ...

Kickstarter-Funded Sword Fighting Game ‘Clang’ is Officially Cancelled

20 September 2014 | On Sept. 20 of last year the developers of the Kickstarter-backed sword fighting game Clang announced that the project had run through all of its funding and was looking for ...

‘Rock Band Network’ Shutting Down

20 September 2014 | Harmonix announced that it will no longer add content to or provide maintenance for the Rock Band Network, the long running downloadable content portal for the Rock Band ...

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Steam sales arrrrr pirate-themed today

21 September 2014 | Ahoy, ye scurvy dogs! In honor of National Talk Like A Pirate Day, the landlubbers over at Valve have instituted a sale on pirate-themed games via Steam. Monkey Island, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, the Risen series and more all ...

Joystiq Weekly: Sony financials, Destiny review, Minecraft sale and more

21 September 2014 | Welcome to Joystiq Weekly, a "too long; didn't read" of each week's biggest stories, reviews and original content. Each category's top story is introduced with a reactionary gif, because moving pictures aren't just for The Daily ...

Weekend-long PSN Flash Sale discounts a pack of racers

21 September 2014 | Even if your weekend pace is relaxed and leisurely, you should still be able to reach the PlayStation Store's Flash Sale before it ends on September 22 at 3pm EST. You can make up for your slow-and-steady demeanor by setting lap ...

Oculus DK1 source now open to all

21 September 2014 | The source code used to build the Oculus Rift DK1 is now open and available to everyone interested in tinkering with what is arguably the most famous virtual reality device since Nintendo's Virtual Boy. This means that, regardless ...

Oculus VR reveals new prototype, Crescent Bay

21 September 2014 | Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe revealed Crescent Bay during today's Oculus Connect event, the latest virtual reality prototype from the hardware manufacturer. Crescent Bay boasts a higher resolution, refresh rate, 360 degree ...

More than 130k developers have signed up with Oculus

21 September 2014 | Nate Mitchell, VP of Product at Oculus, revealed today at the Oculus Connect event in Hollywood that the company has more than 130,000 users signed on via the Oculus dev center. If that number isn't quite as astronomical as you'd ...

Oculus now an official platform, build target for Unity 5

21 September 2014 | Oculus is now an official platform and build target for Unity 5, Oculus VR's VP of Product Nate Mitchell announced during today's Oculus Connect event. A related press release notes that Unity will "now fully support Oculus and ...

Sony games division to launch internet TV by end of year

21 September 2014 | While the PlayStation 4 continues to sell like black, plastic hotcakes, not all of Sony's business divisions are doing so well. Thus, it shouldn't be too surprising that the company is trying to push their little slanted box's ...

Barely Related: The Millennium Falcon’s Batmobile baby

20 September 2014 | A happy weekend tip from us, your pals: Take a walk. Enjoy the sun, the shade and the way your new iPhone screen looks in both of those lighting situations. Welcome to Barely Related, a conversational Friday column that presents ...

WRUP: Orange Mocha Frappuccino [Update: Behold the magnificence]

20 September 2014 | Update: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And masterfully executed. Thanks @Vicky_Bit And we're still waiting on someone to take this Final Fantasy 15 video and add Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" in reverence to the opening scene from ...

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The Minecraft Parent

20 September 2014 | writes: Michael Agger has an interesting article in the New Yorker about parenting in the internet era and why Minecraft is the one game parents want their kids to play. He says, "Screens are no longer simply ...

Commander Keen: Keen Dreams Source Code Released

18 September 2014 |New submitter ildon writes: Recently, the rights holder of former game publisher Softdisk's game library put the rights to some of their old titles up for sale, including Commander Keen: Keen Dreams, one of the few games in the ...

The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

16 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes: Multiplayer modes used to be an extra part of most games — an optional addition that the developers could build (or not) as they saw fit. These days, it's different: many games are marketed under ...

Canon Printer Hacked To Run Doom Video Game

16 September 2014 |wiredog writes Security researcher Michael Jordon has hacked a Canon's Pixma printer to run Doom. He did so by reverse engineering the firmware encryption and uploading via the update interface. From the BBC: "Like many modern ...

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

15 September 2014 |jawtheshark writes The rumors were true. Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is being sold to Microsoft. Of course, the promise is to keep all products supported as they are. From the article: "Microsoft said it has agreed to buy ...

Malware Distributed Through Twitch Chat Is Hijacking Steam Accounts

15 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes If you use Twitch don't click on any suspicious links in the video streaming platform's chat feature. Twitch Support's official Twitter account issued a security warning telling users not to click the ...

Early Reviews of Destiny: Unfulfilled Potential

13 September 2014 |Destiny is a first-person shooter set in a persistent, online world. It was released on Tuesday by Bungie, the development studio behind Halo, and billed as a blending of console shooters and progression-based MMOs. Reviews for the ...

Kickstarter’s Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

13 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes with this piece about Digital Knights, the studio behind the Kickstarter campaign project Sienna Storm, which was cancelled this week after the team raised only 10% of their $180,000 target, despite a ...

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

10 September 2014 |dotarray (1747900) writes "A surprising story has emerged today that suggests Microsoft is looking to buy Minecraft developer Mojang. The reported price tag is "more than US$2 billion." The original report is at the WSJ (possibly ...

John Romero On Reinventing the Shooter

9 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes: John Romero helped bring us Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, but he's also known for Daikatana — an immensely-hyped followup that flopped hard. After remaining on the periphery of game development ...

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Blogs Have Moved!

Posted by Basie | 3 November 2010

Blogs can now be found in the vBulletin blogging tool, located here.

Latest Division News

Guild Wars 2: Division Overview

Posted by Tilce | 22 August 2012

An Introduction to Guild Wars 2 and the TOG GW2 Crew.

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Get to know your guildmate interview #4: Serah De Vere

Posted by Ral_Partha | 29 December 2012

Ral Partha interviews TOG member and Guild Wars 2 fan "Serah De Vere", in the latest installment of "Get to know your guildmates with Ral Partha"!

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Get to know your guildmate interview #3: Pumpkin

Posted by Ral_Partha | 19 December 2012

Ral Partha interviews TOG member and Guild Wars 2 fan Pumpkin, in the latest installment of "Get to know your guildmates with Ral Partha"!

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Posted by Tilce | 10 September 2012

Weekly WvW Events Wednesday night and Saturday your time zone

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GW2 Member Interview #2

Posted by Tilce | 10 September 2012

Icehawke - who is he and what does he do?

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TF2 Unveils a new Co-Op Mode - Mann vs Machine

Posted by Ulric | 26 August 2012

The game that keeps on giving unveils new co-op mode. Red and Blue join forces to fight off a marauding mob of malevolent machines. TOG TF2 has 2 MvsM servers up and running for your machinations. See the ...

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GW2 Member Interview #1

Posted by Tilce | 24 August 2012

Get to know GW2's 501st sign up: Klobberella

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2 Sep: GW2 Crafting Carnival

Posted by Tilce | 24 August 2012

2 Sep: Meet and Greet, Chat and Craft!

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Health, You and the Launch of Guild Wars 2

Posted by Tilce | 23 August 2012

Specs gives a humorous but serious run down on how to stay healthy in the first weekend of Guild Wars 2.

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Guild Wars: Winds of Change

Posted by inoshiro | 14 October 2011

Change is coming to Cantha

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