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Thread: Counterstrike revival

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    Cool Counterstrike revival

    Looking to old hands to play now and again pls post here... saw Ebola for the first time in ages ...

    Southrn Comfort

    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once!

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    I still play a fair bit in comp, not like the good old days though. Maybe we could get few of the old team together and have a few comp rounds one evening. I would be keen if others are.

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    Sounds good, lets see if we can revive this dead duck

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    Division Vice Captain
    Americas Army
    Counterstrike revival
    dial-up tech support

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    Will try and jump in for a game or 3 if you guys organise a day and time etc.

    One of the game ops from another division has set up a CSGO server that we can use (check the members area for details)

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