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Ulric | 2 July 2009 | Comments off

The Counter Strike division is one of TOG’s oldest and most well known divisions. Even though Counter Strike Source has been around for many years, large numbers of players
find its uncomplicated yet professional gameplay surprisingly addictive and it’s fanbase continues to grow. At present our division has over 200 listed occasional players and over 50 regular players.

Our division plays a fairly standard version of Counter Strike Source with the occasional adventure down the rabbit hole with the GunGame mod. Due to the large numbers of public players and the continual appearance of cheating players we have locked the server down to pure level 1 which means that we aren’t able to use custom weapons mods or player models.

We currently run our own 24-slot public server with a large variety of good custom maps in the rotation. Each TOG member is given certain game-op priviledges which generally results in a stable, well managed and mature environment within which to develop skills and enjoy the game.

Each week the division organises ‘internal’ teams based round-robin competitions and every member is invited to join a team and help them win the occasional prize which some have rumoured to be a chicken in a bag.

Friday nights are particularly festive with plenty of people on voice comms and a large variety of alcoholic beverages across Australia all linked together by the magic of the internet and the desire to shoot one another.

Please drop by the forums and say g’day, even if you don’t plan on playing CSS too often, it helps to put an avatar to a name before you get shot by new members. 

Poll: How much time do you game each week?

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