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    I haven't played Dayz for a year or two and noticed a few guys from that era still play. Has the game changed much? I left at a time when food was extremely hard to find and Tents were only just released. I always liked hunting other players and stealing their loot to get by but that became quite hard when the game turned towards a true survivalist environment.

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    DayZ has become more of the "Horror Survival" game with PvP elements it's supposed to be and will only become harder over time. Modding however, may bring the game you're looking for.

    Yes there are some servers out there resetting persistence for the "LOOTZ" or whatever excuse they make up to help try and make it PvP only but wolves, Zeds, hunger, thirst, weather are still in the game and will only become harder to survive from.

    This was an interesting Twitlonger post from Brian Hicks. I guess there was a player he had to set right... Particularly the part about what kind of game DayZ has always meant to be.

    Original Twitlonger can be found HERE

    "Absolutely everything you listed there has been specifically explained in detail countless times, what causes the issues, what is being done to address them, and to a degree when to expect the issue to be addressed.

    Your perspectives on them are significantly out of sync with the reality of the situation, and I'll comment on that next.
    First though, let me make this clear. DayZ is a survival game, it has always aimed to be a survival game, it has never faltered from that goal. PvP is a part of that experience, but it is not the end all - be all of the title. This also has been communicated very clearly, hell as recently as the first Status Report this month. Yes, punishing survival experiences are a niche market. Do I care, or should I at all? No. My paycheck gets no bigger if we sell 10 million copies than it does if we sell 10. My drive has never been money, and it never will be. We're focusing on creating the survival title we set out to create in September 2013, and that is the experience we will provide.
    Another thing that has been said hundreds of times is the firm support for in depth modding, on both a low level and a high level - allowing those who want that type of experience to create it, as in depth or as soft touch as they want.

    You mention "don't get you started" - and list three items that if you were interested in following and being engaged in development, you would be informed and educated upon.

    - The Military Prison Building: As you put it we removed the loot spawning functionality from the structure because we "Don't know how to fix it" - which is a significant departure from the reality of the situation. The very build that removed loot spawning in that structure was paired with a Status Report that very clearly explained what was going on, what the root of the issue was, and what we needed to do to address the core problem and not just provide a "quick fix". In addition to that Status Report, there have been many forum posts, and additional Status Report sections from other members of the development team *again* explaining exactly why the structure does not currently spawn any loot, what the root of the actual issue was, and what the steps the development team was taking to address the issue.

    - Apples, and Water Wells: Again, another issue that has been discussed and explained repeatedly in Status Reports, forum posts, and even in some cases reddit posts.
    (where yes, I am aware you have gone and posted screen grabs of my comments with you in order to drum up support - whereas I have refrained from retweeting or attempting to drum up support for myself as I thought we were having a discussion, not trying to troll someone on holiday break in the middle of the night)
    Rather than continue to put a bandage on a broken leg with the issue, the team has opted to address the actual root cause of the problem, and prevent related edge cases of similar behavior. Infact, if you *did* invest yourself in following the development on the very subreddit you posted this discussion to, you would see -visual evidence- of the internal progress on addressing these very issues.

    As its become very apparent you're just looking to rile things up, I'm going to go back to bed and try and salvage the rest of the night for my sleeping pattern."

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    Basic items are easy to find at the moment - some of the higher level gear can be hard to acquire. The game has significantly changed in the last 10months so I think it would be worthwhile jumping on and trying it out for yourself. There's usually one of us on TS who can help you out if you need. From my perspective the game is still very PVP orientated so by the sounds of things that's probably something you will enjoy.
    Just make sure you wear a raincoat when its raining - this current patch is fairly unforgiving with hypothermia.

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    The game has changed a fair bit from the underlying technology - they have focussed recently on making the game engine better, so FPS is better, particularly in towns, desync issues are very much reduced and glitches like breaking your legs on ladders and stairs and walking out of a building and dying for no reason have pretty much disappeared (hasn't happened to me for a couple of updates so might be completely solved). So the game is far more stable now and you're not going to be spawning at the coast continuously because of bugs in the game. It is still an alpha game so it might still happen but it's quite rare now. So from a playability standpoint the game is much improved.

    The game play has developed more survivalist aspects so the environment itself is more challenging. Zombies are more numerous and more dangerous - they hit harder, will ruin your gear and can chase you for miles. Having a few zombies on you is very dangerous. The cold can kill you quickly from hypothermia so rain is life threatening now. Get a raincoat and learn when you need to build a fire and you can survive easily enough but you do need to be diligent about the weather. There are wolves which hunt in packs and will kill you very quickly. You can't just sneak around and take them out one at a time like zombies, they will swarm you and destroy you so you need a gun and you need to take out enough of them so the rest run away. As far as food and other gear is concerned, there is enough to get by so that won't be much of an issue. There are also more military sites now.The coast is normally stripped bare by new spawns but head inland and you will find enough to survive - it isn't plentiful but you'll have enough to get by. So the environment itself is more challenging now which is great.
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    hi art yes lets play and die together lol

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