Featured video of the month: October 2008

RogueSlayer | 21 September 2008 | 0 Comments

The featured video is something that I will be selecting each month to place on the front page.  While the game is still in a pre-release state, this will obviously consist of mostly SOE released trailers.  Although, video shot of game demonstrations at the various industry conferences and the like will also qualify.  After launch, fan made trailers, music videos, parody videos and so on will also qualify.

These will not necessarily be random picks either.  I will also include a brief blurb of why each has been selected.

Featured video for October 2008

The first video (well, videos as it is in two parts) is the Brainiac invasion world event that was featured at Comic-Con 2008.  I have picked this particular video as it is one of the best to surface yet of in game footage.  It shows a multitude of the action combat possibilities, it is clear and the audio is good.  To date, I think it best represents what we the players can expect once we get our hands on it.


Online Videos by Veoh.com
Online Videos by Veoh.com

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