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Thread: To Late to start Destiny?

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    Default To Late to start Destiny?

    Will be picking up a pro in the next couple of weeks.
    Just wondering if its too late to start with Destiny?
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    Depends on what you want game the game and your playing style, if your into pvp my thoughts are it could be hard, pve is what I loved about the game, I lost interest as every time I got the best weapons an update or expansion would make them obsolete. Plus getting a fire team was starting to get hard as people stopped playing. Still my favorite game after bf42 lol
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    Picked up a PS4 pro last night with HZD and Destiny.
    Got a Warlock to level 3 before realising it was midnight and i needed to work in the morning.

    Enjoying sofar but need to get a handle on aiming ext as use to mouse and keyboard.
    Never attribute to ignorance that which can be explained by stupidity

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    A buddy and I have actually returned to Destiny on PS4 and having fun prior to the sequel later in the year. We are both level 40 and I am 388 light. We are looking or a third for crucible fun in the Trials but the more the merrier. Plus we are going to start streaming on Twitch on Saturdays. PSN is Mixzawa

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