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Thread: Blizzcon Diablo News

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    Default Blizzcon Diablo News

    HUZZAH Necromancer coming 2017

    2 New Zones. For Free.

    Recreating Original Diablo game into Diablo 3!

    PTR next week for anniversary patch.

    Was hoping for a D4 announcement but will make do

    For the pack, Necromancer, pet, 2 character slots, 2 stash tabs, portrait frame, banner, banner sigil and pennant,
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    Weeeeeee, Necro madness!!!!
    "So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World" - Willy Wonka

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    Necromancer can command his pets to attack particular targets

    Armoury, Allow switching of builds.

    -No Socketing cost for gems.
    -5 Builds saved per character
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    RIP Diablo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bawheidbob View Post
    RIP Diablo
    Hardly. Looking forward to it.
    "So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World" - Willy Wonka

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    gratz. u win. only post on Blizzcon (sad face). As usual, so much happening, but good to see some D love. Orig game should be interesting. Haven't loaded it up in years Happy 20th. Didnt realise/remember Blizz launched with Diablo. Man I left it sooo long until they made me switch to battlenet. Soo many multiboxing accounts didnt want to screw them all up. Just watching closing ceremony now. Off to HOTS, but will def be loading up D3 soon. (Though SC will always be it for me, bring it on deepmind).
    After faithfully watching for 10 yrs might even look at heading over next year.
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