Fallen Earth

Ulric | 26 October 2009 | Comments off

Fallen Earth
Post-Apocalyptic Mayhem!

Set in a post-apocalyptic world 150-200 years from the present day; Fallen Earth is a dark, modern-horror MMOG that takes place in the American southwest. Specifically set in and around the Grand Canyon, players will adventure out into the desolate wasteland armed with whatever they can find - shovels, rebar, baseball bats, and guns. Gamers will be able to align themselves with various factions and even wage PvP warfare against opposing organisations.

Having spent the last couple of months playing Fallen Earth, I would like to share my opinion of the game with you. First and fore most, if you’re after a game with an intense graphical engine with mind blowing effects then Fallen Earth is not for you. Instead what Fallen Earth brings a very unique style to MMO’s which does provide for very addictive game play.

This is a game that was built from the ground up to revolve around skill-based advancement rather than the standard class-based systems. Every action you take in the game will have a correlating skill, which advances as you use it. Along with your skills, items will also play a major importance and each object you pick up and use will have various statistics of its own. Every item within the game is craft-able, thus eliminating rare and otherwise expensive drops. The only exception are those lucrative items which are used in training skills, and to make certain weapons or vehicles in a timely process thus giving you the ability to negotiate your price. On top of that, gamers will also be using a targeting reticule instead of a standard auto-attack to actually hit their opponents.

Roaming across the country side mounted upon a horse, riding over the hills on your motorbike, or cruising about in your buggy with mounted machine guns provides a real Mad Max feel to the game. Some would say it has similar aspects to Fallout 3, whilst adding the ability to do so much more. The content within Fallen Earth is huge! The mission system is very detailed and well written, and I have experienced minimal bugs while playing.

TOG anchored itself into Fallen Earth very early on during beta, and is now respected throughout the waste land. We have grown our Fallen Earth Division to over 130 members in the mere span of a few weeks, and have been mentioned in various game reviews. Knowing that TOG has a presence within the game assures that Fallen Earth will have an active and supportive community to help assure the games longevity.

Already the Fallen Earth Division has good blood flowing within, our members are available on ventrilo in force on a nightly basis; supporting each other and sharing friendly taunts along the way. I have enjoyed the helpful attitude within the communtiy and both friendships and respected rivals are gathering as the days go by to ensure a competitive and prosporous future.

Whether you are from the North-America, Europe or Oceania, come on in and say hello!

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