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Global Agenda is here! And its better than ever!

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Global Agenda has recently gone through some massive changes to its core gameplay, making it the best time to join the fight along with your fellow ToG players.

Global Agenda is essentially a squad based shooter such as TF2 that meets an MMO and is a great deal of fun to play with friends. There are currently 3 main game types:

1) PvE which pits a premade team of 4 in a dungeon crawl against the clock to kill the boss for epic look.

2) PvP which pits 10 players against 10 others in several game types including: Payload, Breach, Demolition (capture the flagbot), Scramble and Control. The PvP in this game is fast and furious. It’s one of the most fun and rewarding PvP experience in a game yet.

3) AvA (Agency vs Agency) which is the main subscriber section of the game. Agencies can form alliances with other agency and help each other capture hexes on a world map. Agencies will fight for control and once a hex is controlled the agency has the option to build facilities. These help mine for materials, or create agency equipment such as Vandals (massive robots that can be piloted by players), Hover Tanks and massive defensive turrets. The AvA map is active 23 hours a day. The agency determines what time their hex becomes active and therefore vulnerable to attack making it easy for an agency to organise their active time.

ToG is looking for new players. So if you’re a fan of MMOs, or shooters in general, then jump in and take a look at the free trial currently available. We participate daily in all of the game types and especially need YOU to help us take over the AvA map.


This is an endless FREE trial, that lets you experience all the game has to offer, but is capped to level 15, which is more than enough time for you to check it out and see if this is the game for you.


Sandstorm is the latest update to the game which has introduced lots of great new elements making it more like an MMO.

HZ-Global Agenda Sandstorm Phase I Launches on Thursday, June 3


The second phase of Sandstorm is on the way, opening the way for open world content with repeatable missions. This open world map is massive and allows for both persistent PvPvE content where people fight against the commonwealth (the bad guys) or each other for certain objectives.

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