Supreme Commander

Ulric | 26 October 2009 | Comments off

I move my commander to take the South ridge. It should be easy – he’s just been upgraded with a bigger shield and a gun most gamers would kill their own mothers for – but only Geng knows for sure if his defences can hold up against my commander’s might.

At the same time, I move the rest of my forces North and throw them my other opponent. ‘Splooky’s got no chance now’ I chuckle evilly to myself, ‘those thirty bots should crush him!’

I open my fourth can of Scotch and Coke, and rock back on my chair to drink in the destruction of Splooky’s base. My laughter only becomes louder as I hear his outraged voice howling at me through my speakers. Gotcha!

Triumph over Splooky certain, I sober slightly and refocus, zooming back to my commander to start my assault on Geng. I fill the air with T1 fighters to cover my approach, knowing all the while that victory is close at hand! But wait - the sounds’ve stopped, the sounds of my forces up North annihilating Splooky. The cord must’ve come out the back of my speakers.

I check my speaker lead – it’s all is good. But that can only mean…

I zoom in over Splooky’s base, cold dread washing over me, a sickening feeling settling in the pit of my stomach as I survey the battlefield.

My units. They’re gone. All of them. Destroyed, utterly, down to the last bot.

“What the!?” I say out loud, even as I build another radar, this one closer to Splooky’s base, to find out what’s happened. My dread gives way to outright horror as I realise exactly what’s heading my way:

10 - no 20 - no 30 units, heading straight to my base! Splooky’s counter-attack. 30 of them! I’ve got to get my defences ready – I’ve got to get my commander back!

Splooky and Geng’s combined laughter ring out over my speakers, mocking me. I shake my fist at them, even as I frantically scramble to prepare for their assault.

“Damn you, Splooky!” I howl. “Damn you both!”

Supreme Commander is a hugely popular Real Time Strategy game. Designed by Chirs Taylor, it can be seen as a spiritual successor of famous 1997 release, Total Annihilation. Every game starts with each player being given an Armoured Command Unit (ACU), a giant, bipedal mech. To win you must kill the enemy ACU, and, to kill the ACU, you’ve got to play smart. That means juggling the deep resource system, researching tech levels, timing attacks, overseeing battles comprised of hundreds of units and, every now and then, stomping all over the enemy base with an enormous, tech-four monster mech.

The real value, though, the real beauty of Supreme Commander is the fun you get from playing with your mates online, and TOG’s Supreme Commander Division is all about the FUN. The Division has no set game times, no set scrims, no ladders… we basically jump in Team Speak, set up a game and let the fun begin!

Like the game itself, we cater for all types of players. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Zerg player, a Tech, or a Turtler - you can still succeed at Supreme Commander with strong strategy skills. If you’re a new player, we’ll show you the ropes, and if you’re a veteran, we’ll give you a run for your money. While there’s no shortage of Commanders looking for a game during the week, you’ll find most of us online Friday and Saturday nights for large scale battles.

Thanks to a steady stream of new content being released, the game has developed a cult following. In fact, us Toggers find ourselves loving it more and more as time goes by and, with Supreme Commander 2 due out in 2010, you can expect to see the TOG: Supreme Commander Division remain active for years to come.

(Article by Parkey)

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