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Mae Govannen! Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Online Division of The Older Gamers.

This wiki contains information about the LOTRO Division Guilds (Kinships). You’ll also find useful information on the game, races, classes, crafting and links to TOG Policies, Procedures etc.

To get started with LoTRO you can download a game client from Lord of the Rings Online. ( the download is currently 10Gb so a highspeed connection is needed)
As LoTRO is now on a Free to Play basis you can immediately join the appropriate kin for your region, after having completed the Introduction quests for your character.
There are 3 levels of Player Subscription:
Free to Play: – Pay nothing, Restricted to quests in ‘starter areas’ Bree, Ered Luin, and The Shire and the Epic Quest line.
Premium: – You have paid real dollars to buy Turbine Points for Lotro Store items. Access to auction House, less restrictions on in-game mail, an extra character slot.
VIP: – Maintaining an active subscription. Gives access to all features of the game including Monster Play.

- Joining a TOG Kinship –

See the Joining Up quick guide
As a member of TOG you have direct entry to either the Osgiliath Guard (Oceania/NA) or the The Order of Gilthoniel (Europe). You simply need to make a post in the “Official Character Registration” Thread for the kinship you wish to join. To join The Osgiliath Guard (North American/Oceania/Asia Kinship Server: Elendilmir) please post in this THREAD:

The Osgiliath Guard Character Registration Thread

for The Order of Gilthoniel (European Kinship Server: Evernight) please post in this THREAD:

The Order of Gilthoniel Character Registration Thread

You will want to post the following information in the proper thread:

Character Name, If you have more then one you should list them all in the body of the post, not just in your signature.

You can also post other useful information such as: Class, Race, Crafting Professions, etc.

When you have completed the above you will be ready for the second part of this phase. Below in the “Leadership” section you will find a list of all officers for both The Osgiliath Guard and The Order of Gilthoniel. Please add a few of these officers to your friends list in-game, when one of them is online send them a /tell asking them to invite you to the kinship. The officer will review your post then send you an invite.

Alternatively Just type Osgiliath Guard or Gilthoniel into the filter box on the Fellowship tab of the Social panel. That will show you a list of the members on-line. Send one of them a tell and they will be able to direct you to an Officer that is on-line

Osgiliath Guard Craft Alts & Kin Chests:

Osgiliath Guard Storage Alts and Materials Policies

Osgiliath Guard Kin House Chest Rules

Links on LOTRO in general:

The link site: has a LOT of links to info on the game.

Emotes you can use in LOTRO.

Want to be a chicken? Check out: The Chicken Survival Guide Part 1: A New Egg and Part 2: Revenge of the Chick.

LOTRO Turtle Raid

LOTRO Hall of Mirrors

LOTRO Raiding Guides


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